Sunday, August 14, 2016

It will be four weeks tomorrow since the present state of affairs was launched by my husband’s fall. It’s high time I pulled myself together and got some routine and discipline into my life.

Tomorrow is the publication date for the Vintage Shetland Project. I am ashamed of myself for thinking of it, but there it is. When she announced it, I linked it in my mind to my birthday. Thank you, and thank you again for all your kind messages. I had a delicious day doing nothing much except hospital visiting.

My husband is doing well, impatient to get home. His wound has healed well (he still has no memory of surgery) and the physiotherapists are getting him on his feet. But he is much weaker than he was when last at home. It takes two of them, to help him walk a few steps with a zimmer frame. We are suspended in limbo.

Susan Crawford’s message about her diagnosis said that she wouldn’t be able to participate as she had hoped in the promotion of the book. That implied, perhaps, that it would be published on schedule? Not that that would mean much in itself. In full health, she had grumbled about what a job it would be to mail copies to all the crowdfunders.

I asked Amazon, just in case they knew anything about it. No, they don’t, but I discovered a “Vintage Visage” old Shetland lace shawl pattern, and bought it. Centre out, and the centre is knit diagonally with YO’s at the beginning of every row, just like the Hansel shawl.

Not much knitting has been going on around here. I haven’t been watching television at all – that definitely cuts down on knitting time. At the hospital, I’ve finished the first Vampire sock and am through the tedious ribbing of the second.

Also, I had a very pleasant coffee morning with one of you early last week, which inspired me to cast on the Uncia shawl from the (now famous) Haps book. It begins “cast on 5 stitches”, which is the sort of pattern I like these days. I am rather surprised to find, having done 57 rows, that I still have only 27 stitches and a piece of knitting rather like a rat’s tail. The photographs in the book don’t show it. I have established some ribbing which will presumably travel gloriously down into the main sections.

After 150 rows I will have 57 stitches – still not very many – and the charts will begin.

Nothing whatsoever has happened with the Hansel shawl (although I can tell you that all is going well with the pregnancy which inspires it). 


  1. Oh dear! A rather belated Happy Birthday - well, I hope it was. I have been dealing with my father losing things...enough said.

  2. Yes, I'm sorry to be in the belated birthday wishes group. Better late than never? Sounds as if quiet time and re-ordering of routine will be a good starting point for this new year. Peace and Joy to you!

  3. I am picturing all of us eager readers, all around the world, clicking on our bookmarks for your blog and then smiling to see a new entry. Happy belated birthday indeed, and here's hoping that the next 365 days will be more peaceful than the last, and full of knitting.

  4. Wishing health and good knitting for the coming year. I imagine it is difficult to pull yourself together when there is so much uncertainty about what may upend that balance at any minute. I expect you are looking forward to the return of the Greeks, more upending, but a good kind.

  5. Happy belated birthday wishes from Canada, Jean! Don't be too hard on yourself for not having established a routine. That's a very hard thing to do in the midst of unsettled circumstances, plus you have had various visitors during the time your husband has been in hospital. Will the hospital social workers be helping you organize your husband's care routine for when he is released? It sounds like going back to what you previously had in place won't be sufficient.

  6. Happy belated birthday!! Just do your best and try to take care of yourself.

  7. One day at a time is my belated birthday wish for you. In circumstances of my own, I have learned that mantra works well. I remind myself of the old saying about God laughing when we make plans! Enjoy your many blessings of family, friends, your many talents, and all of us!

  8. Anonymous1:28 AM

    Thanks for the post - always good to hear from you.
    As usual I echo the commenters above to take of yourself. I hope your children can get a new care regime in place which suits the needs of both your husband and you.
    Enjoy the knitting!