Monday, October 03, 2016

Another good day – I did a whole ten rows of the Uncia, a day gained in my scheme-of-things. I hit a patch, at the end of Chart E and beginning of Chart F, where I could just sit and knit as if it were ordinary challenging knitting, rather than having to sweat out every stitch.

The Mosaic socks are very nearly half-way from ribbing to heel flap. I haven’t bought sock wool for a while – I had a look yesterday at what Regia is up to. I like their new, broad stripes. I found myself wondering whether I had ever knit an Arne&Carlos. They look like great fun.

Then, yesterday evening, I was going through the photos on my iPad, thinking of making a deck of Perdita playing cards as a birthday (November) or Christmas present for my husband – and found unmistakable evidence that I have indeed knit Arne&Carlos socks, recently. Embarrassing.

And I did another edging point on the Hansel shawl. All is well – I should finish this week.


The great thing about a Kindle (in my case, app on the iPad) is that it prevents paperbacks from piling up in corners. I have a shocking number of books in the cloud. Although they are not knitting books or cookery books – I tried a couple of the latter, once. It doesn’t work for me. My library in the cloud mostly borders on rubbish – thrillers or girly novels. But some are semi-serious, and there is some popular science – just the sort of thing it’s hard to decide about, sorting through a pile.

At the moment, I’m reading and very much enjoying “In the Woods”, a Dublin Murder Squad thriller by Tana French. Although her name sounds vaguely familiar, I would have missed this one entirely but for the long article in the current (I think) New Yorker. Usually, their long book reviews are too highbrow for me, but occasionally they are golden. 


  1. I'm finding that the Uncia has settled down a bit - I'm halfway up Chart D. I prefer not to use a cable needle for little cables, but those twisted stitches made it impossible. It certainly looks very dramatic.

  2. Perdita playing cards? Purrfect!

  3. I just read that, and was excited to hear she has a new one. I've read them all, and thought the article was spot on.

  4. I am so glad the Uncia is behaving & letting you enjoy the knitting!!!
    I have to admit to a massive collection 'in the cloud' as well. I do hate dusting books!!! Peter May has caught my eye recently with his Enzo Files - murders set in France. I highly recommend his 'Lewis' Trilogy as well.

  5. All the Tana French Dublin Murder Squad novels are delectable. Still mysteries but with just enough character, setting and good writing to keep one's interest.