Monday, October 10, 2016

I got up for the debate (2 a.m.) and am not sorry I did. (Perdita stayed in bed.) I got the second skein wound for the Uncia, for one thing. My conclusion matches what the pundits seem to be saying this morning – yesterday, it looked as if Trump’s campaign had gone up in smoke; today, he’s back in the race, although still an outsider.

What an extraordinary year!

Knitting went more or less according to plan. I finished the first Mosaic sock, cast on the second, made a good start on the ribbing.

I finished Chart F of the Uncia – two charts to go, 76 rows. Thank you for your comment, Shandy. I reverted to the cable needle yesterday – the Skein Queen wool-and-cashmere I’m using, an EYF purchase, is rather slippery. But Chart G has a lot of one-over-one crosses. I’m going to try again, using your comment. And I could always go back to YouTube.

And I finished knitting the Hansel Hap. I haven’t done any of the finishing, however, let alone blocking. Former today, latter tomorrow, I hope. Never mind London – the call from the hospital could come at any moment, and it will be harder to get the blocking done once my husband is here.

And writing that sentence about the Skein Queen yarn reminded me – isn’t it about time for the 2017 EYF schedule? Answer, yes. I must have missed the email somewhere in my Promotions pile. I’ve had a look.

Not good news, in various respects.

1)      Booking is at 2 p.m. Saturday, when I hope to be in London.

2)      Franklin isn’t coming.

3)      I want to keep Friday for the market (not that I need any yarn); but the classes I want are on Friday morning. Afternoons don’t really work for me, assuming my husband is here. Even if not, I flag after lunch.

Tell me that the market will be almost as good on Saturday. Then I can book a Friday class – 1st choice Hazel Tindall; 2nd choice Tom of Holland – and leave it at that. Maybe someone can can be poised over a computer at 2 p.m. in my stead.

Plenty to think about. 


  1. I would offer, but I will be at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck this year. My very first time, and I'm quite thrilled about it.

  2. I've looked again at my cabling without a needle and realise that I use my left hand more than I thought. If the stitch is moved to the front I use my left thumb to press it against the needle while it is in limbo. The yarn I am using is the one from Kate, a very smooth merino, which has almost no grab to it. But with only two stitches to twist it must be possible without dropping the stitches at all.

  3. Anonymous5:29 PM

    I'm sure you'll be busy with your new book, Mary Lou, but wouldn't it be fun to have a meet-up of Jean's followers at Rhinebeck? I'm sure there will be a lot of us there. Wish you could be there too, Jean!
    Carol in Long Island

    1. I would really enjoy that, Carol!! I'll put something up on the my blog, or message me on Ravelry.

  4. I went both days this year. The market was just as good on the second day! However class attendees also get access to the market at 9am while us ordinary mortals have to wait till 10am. You could pop into the market for a whizz round before class?

  5. Having never been to that festival, but having gone to many cons (like Dragon Con), the marketplace on the first day of con might not be completely set up yet in the morning, but it's generally a better day to go look as it tends to be less crowded and the vendors are less tired and more willing to spend time discussing their wares.
    That said, the only knitting con I've been to was Stitches South and I've never been there on the first day, so knitting cons may work very differently from fan cons.
    Can I vote for you to take the Hazel class? I adore her designs! She's on my short list of people I must take classes from/or at least meet if I have the chance (along with Evelyn Clark, Nancy Bush, and a few others).

  6. Seconding Isabella's comment. Yes the market is just as good on the second day, and at least some of the vendors keep back stock to have for the second day. Also, if I have it right, the early entry if you have booked a class is good on both days, not just the day of your class. And finally, thoroughly recommend Tom of Holland's class, I did it in 2015 and very much enjoyed it.