Saturday, October 08, 2016

Yesterday was a better day, knitting-wise, but not as good as some. I should reach the toe – and probably finish – the first Mosaic sock today. And I did my five rows of Uncia, but no more. And then just went to bed instead of finishing the Hansel Hap as I had hoped. I really want to get that blocked before my husband comes home.

I don’t think the Package of Care will emerge over a weekend, so I am relaxing into the prospect of looking forward to London even if it is to be knocked from my hand on Monday.

And, yes, Roobeedoo, what, indeed, about Georgia O’Keefe at the gallery my husband calls TatMo? I feel we are related, GO’K and I, as the sleeveless vest the NHS made off with last summer was knit of a madtosh yarn of that name. I didn’t replace it, because pictures of it looked blue (which my husband doesn’t like) whereas the lost one was definitely green. I went for Whiskey Barrel instead.

Or Caravaggio at the NG? That one is rather dimly reviewed in the Times this morning.

I had nothing like this wealth of choice when I was in London in January. Abstract Expressionism is the one my education requires. Our late friend Bill Gear (also known as William) had a joint show with Pollock in New York – must have been in the 40’s – before Pollock hit the big time. I wonder if there’s a small Gear in an early room at the RA. He was a near neighbour in Birmingham, and the man who taught me how to go into a betting shop and place a bet. It's not a thing I do very often, but when I do I am grateful to Bill for having shown me the way.

But I could discover that from the catalogue. Opus Anglicanum remains tempting. I’m not strong enough for two big shows in a day.

Delicious choice.

And tomorrow night I must, and indeed I will, get up to watch the Second Debate. I thought it would be even later in the night, but I learn that the whole thing has been scheduled for the convenience of the east coast so the time will be the same. Last time, I wound a skein of Whiskey Barrel. This time, I'll go for the second skein of whatever it is the Uncia is using, although I'm not quite sure it will be required.


  1. What fun to think through all the possibilities for London next week! Even if they come through with the care package on Monday can't you say you will be out of town and can't start the package until you return?

    As for the debate, I don't know if I can make myself watch the next one. I'm just hoping that after yesterday's revelations Donald Trump finally has more than enough nails to firmly close the lid on his own coffin.

  2. I cannot watch the debate. My health won't allow it.

  3. I'm always amazed by how enticing you make those big exhibitions sound. I'd go for the one nearing the end of its run, as recent experience has taught me that overcrowding can be a real problem .

  4. Yes, tell the NHS they can´t start the care package so soon! I think the trip to London would do you really good. And the Opus Anglikanum looks wonderful, I am always amazed not only by the wonderful work of such old textiles but by the fact that they survived such a long time with wars, fires, water, insects etc.