Saturday, October 29, 2016

I’ve finished the Uncia.

Not finished-finished, but I’ve cast it off with the long, slow stretchy cast-off. The last few rows were deliciously easy, and I am fascinated to see that I have created a scalloped edge without even knowing I was doing it. Lucy Hague is really very clever. I don’t know if I’ll have time for loose ends and blocking today. Archie is home for his birthday lunch, and hospital-visiting can’t be neglected. We’ll see.

As for next – what a delicious moment! The first thing to do is to take the half-brioche firmly back in hand, re-establish total familiarity with the pattern and decide exactly where the sweater is going. I am interested to hear that K1, K1b is not the same as YO followed by BRK or whatever they call it. The only way out of that one is to swatch. I thought that when you knitted one below, the stitch from the row above lay over the knitted stitch in just the same fashion as a preceding YO. If that makes sense.

I’m feeling yoke-y, which would argue in favour of KD’s “Miss Rachel’s Yoke” (here, in stash). But on the other hand, the beautiful madtosh yarn Tannehill, which one of you heroically secured for me just as it was going out of production, and which my sister brought on her last visit – demands early knitting. It is to be a simple, long-sleeved v-neck for my husband. Decisions.

On with today! Archie’s 20th birthday isn’t actually until tomorrow – years ago, I gave him “Catcher in the Rye” and told him he had to read it while he was still a teenager. Now we’ll find out whether he did. I have no idea, myself, how it reads nowadays. Monday is Ted LeCompte’s birthday (he will be three, in DC, if I’ve got that right) and Tuesday is Juliet’s parents’ second wedding anniversary. An eventful few days on the calendar.

I was allowed into the OR when Helen had the Caesarian which produced Archie, and I remember that I took my knitting bag with me as there was nothing else to do with it. I wish I had recorded what was in it.


  1. My son in law was killed in a car wreck before my grandsons birth so I also went in for my daughters caesarian. It was amazing to see and hold my grandson in his first moments.

  2. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Super congrats on finishing the Uncia!

    As for the next project, as lovely as that yoked sweater is, I vote for the Tannehill. First, to see it worked up, and second because it is getting winter and your husband will need it.

    Have a great time with Archie! What a blessing he is!

    Beverly in NJ

  3. Finishing Uncia is a real accomplishment. Rest on your laurels and enjoy lunch with Archie.

  4. Congrats! You've finished a masterpiece, now sit back and relax for a bit, you've earned it. Enjoy your Halloween weekend and chill.

  5. Congratulations on the Uncia!!! A nice easy finish is like getting a reward for all that stress!! Can't wait to see it after blocking. Sounds like a great weekend too - I hope your husband enjoys Archie's visit as much as you will.
    I vote for the Tannehill - your husband is going to need a warm sweater because he'll probably come home in the middle of a blizzard.

  6. wow congratulations!

  7. Well done on finishing Uncia! I wonder whether you miss the challenge of those five rows each day. I have finished but not yet blocked mine, too.