Wednesday, December 04, 2019

I had another “fishing”-type scam phone call today. At least, I think I did. Either that or my bank card has indeed been compromised. I believe I told you about the first one. This one was a bit better crafted, at least in that the voices were fairly plausible for a Scottish bank. But like the first, it was aimed at me, although they didn’t in fact have more information than could be gleaned from this blog and the phone book.

I logged on while they waited, and then logged off and went back to the telephone and told them that everything was all right. They wanted me to log on again and let them talk me through re-setting my password. I declined. The bank’s website had strengthened my suspicions by saying that their phone lines were down. And this time, I was completely sceptical from the beginning, because the whole thing so much resembled the last time.

But I feel, as before, assailed and shaken.

Greek Helen took me to the May Morris show of embroidery at the Dovecot Studios this morning. (May was William’s daughter.) I enjoyed it, but was taken aback at how difficult I found it. It was a particularly difficult subject, of course – low light and objects requiring close inspection. I haven’t been “out” for a while, except to Waitrose and Mass.  I’m weak.

Knitting is edging forward, but I’m still where I was – that is, working on the Dathan Hap.

I’ve watched a bit more of The Crown. I’m up through the moon-landing episode with Prince Philip’s mid-life crisis, and as before, am completely unconvinced. I remember that visit of the first moon-landers to London. Someone asked Armstrong one of those idiotic questions – what was it like to look into the sky and see the earth? Something like that. And his answer, far better-worded than I can remember, was that it was no odder than looking out of the window and seeing London.


  1. I have a copy of May Morris's book about embroidery it is interesting as a historical document, but I have never found that the embroidery itself appeals - just not my taste.

    Dear Jean - you really shouldn't engage with these criminals on the phone - for that is what they are. My bank says they will never contact me direct and I believe them - to the extent that if there is someone on the phone sayig y account is compromised, I just treat them to some nasty accusations that a lady shouldn't know about. If they say your account is compromised, they are saying it because that is what they intend to do. Don't even let them get started; don't press any buttons and just put the phone down until you are sure they have gone away.

  2. Anonymous8:01 PM

    We don't answer the phone if we don't know the number calling.

    1. Exactly! I never answer the phone if it's a number not in my contacts. If it is my doctor's office (which has a bunch of numbers I don't have) they will leave a message and I can call them back.

  3. I have fun with the scammers. Here in the US, there was a rampant scam - people (often with foreign accents) saying they were agent so-and-so of the Internal Revenue Service. I tell them, "no you're not." Usually they start screaming at me and I hang up. I walked into the house one morning to find my husband on the phone with a "microsoft" scammer, files being downloaded. I immediately hung up the phone and turned off the computer. Thank goodness, we caught them in time. It is truly scary, but you are smarter than all of them, I'm sure! If you watch Youtube, you should check out the vlogger Jim Browning from the UK. He does a terrific job of unmasking scammers.

  4. I liked the end of that episode of The Crown.
    I'm puppy sitting tomorrow night so I hope to have lots of time to knit. The puppy will just have to have crate naps because I'm sure he'll want to play with my wool. I hope you have a cheery day, feel good, and enjoy your knitting.

  5. I do from time to time - they have a 'chair ballet' sequence as well as standing-up-holding-on-to-a-chair exercises. They are demonstated by a young dancer and her old mother who took it up in her 70s to fend off incipient mobility and balance problems...

    Good idea not to do anything on your computer while talking to unexpected telephone callers... my brother said to one of them 'does your mother know what you do for a living?' and the scammer was upset. Quite so.

  6. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Do not spend ANY time on the phone with them. Do not try to unmask them. You don"t know how sophisticated their equipment is. Just hang up. Better yet do as kayT and Anonymous say. Safer and less upsetting. Chloe