Monday, December 09, 2019

I’ve knit a bit more pocket square. As so often, I hope I’ll do a bit more this evening. As so often, I probably won’t.

Circumstances prevented a nap this afternoon (so I’m very tired). I spent the time making a new batch of kimchi, which is always fun. I think if you’re really Korean, you sit down at this point and eat some of it fresh (=unfermented). I took a little taste, and didn’t care for it. Maybe that just means this is a bad batch.

I’m pleased with the pocket square, and pleased with myself for having spent the considerable sum necessary to get the original yarn. A picture tomorrow, perhaps.

“Knitting” came today – the British magazine – with news that a second volume has been published of Fair Isle patterns from the Guild of Shetland Knitters. I ordered it at once from the Shetland Times. The first volume is delightful, although I don’t think I’ve knitted anything from it. I think that’s where Hazel Tindall is quoted as saying that when she is asked where she gets her Fair Isle colour schemes, her policy is to knit the sweater first and make up a colour source afterwards.


I’ve finished “Transcription” and enjoyed it very much. I wonder what it was about the reviews which made me think I wouldn’t? I’m currently attempting “Starve Acre” by Andrew Hurley, another recent well-reviewed. It’s meant to be scary, and indeed it is. And also “Jeeves and Wooster” which is very funny indeed but not exactly a reading book.

As far as Trollope is concerned, I’m currently working on a volume with “Rachel Ray” and “The Three Clerks” in it. I’m sort of bogged down in “Rachel Ray” and have decided that the trouble – oddly – is that, a third of the way through or so, there are no male characters. I’ve read “The Three Clerks”. It’s very interesting, and I look forward to re-reading it, but I feel morally obliged to struggle through “Rachel Ray” first. She’s walking out with a young man – maybe she’ll bring him home and liven things up.

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  1. =Tamar4:50 PM

    Have you tasted any of your previous kimchi before fermenting? It seems to me that it's basically spiced cabbage, so it would depend on whether you like cabbage in the first place.
    I love the statement by Hazel Tindall.