Friday, December 06, 2019

Italian lesson, mental prostration, old Perthshire friends here for morning coffee (fortunately, entertained by Helen) – not much accomplished.

Have I had another scam? Sky rang up, wanting me to renew my subscription with an advantageous two-year deal. But when they wanted card details, I said I wanted to see it in writing, and they said there would be a £150 cancellation fee for not signing up on the spot. It does sound rather fishy. I didn’t think I had Sky anyway – I thought my television arrived through a Virgin cable and wi-fi from BT.

So if I suddenly disappear you will know that I am seeing Reds under the Beds and have inadvertently cut myself off from the world.

Mary Lou, that is a most encouraging anecdote about your cash card. There are still some human beings left in this digital world.

So, no knitting done. And I have, rather to my own surprise, seen myself all the way through the new series of The Crown. When do we get the next one? I was hoping for some Diana. That’s going to be difficult for them. I started watching that famous movie about Julia Child and the woman who cooked all the way through the book, blogging about it. I could go on with that, if I am strong enough to get back into the sitting room this evening.

Sharon has sent me my pattern for the pocket square. All I have to do is finish winding that skein and find a suitable needle. What I can’t find – very oddly – is the Spring shawl. I knew exactly where it was and therefore haven’t looked for it recently. But today, tidying up a bit to make room on the coffee table for coffee, I found that it wasn’t there. I have much confidence in my cleaner, who will be back on Monday.


  1. Put it this way - if you had Sky, you would have a standing order or direct debit paying every month. If you have Virgin, the same to them. Do you have a Sky "Box" - that is how the programmes arrive in your TV. I'm betting this was another set of criminals - I worry that one of these days one of them will sneak past your natural vigilance. I feel unreasonable hatred for these scum.

  2. =Tamar11:07 PM

    There was a recent news show - CBS if I recall correctly - that was put on youtube - about the epidemic explosion of robocall scams, let alone the live ones. I'm glad you spotted it. Never buy anything sold on the phone or on the doorstep, _especially_ if they try to rush you by saying there's a time limit. Also never say "yes" when they ask if you can hear them - it's a way for them to get a recording of you apparently agreeing to something expensive.

  3. Your message was a great comfort, Jean. No, I don’t have a Sky “box”. Never have had. And, yes, I pay Virgin and BT by standing order/direct debit. I’ll have a look at the SO list the next time I log on to the bank. So those must have been villains yesterday — and I probably haven’t cut off my wi-fi!

  4. I think Jean from Cornwall is right, to never engage them on the phone for any length of time. Put it in writing is a good response, or just hang up and then call your bank yourself. These scammers are everywhere.

  5. If I were to be cut off from my "innernet" as many times as I have been told that it is compromised from many countries, I would not be speaking to you now. I have stopped bothering to answer the phone at all unless it comes up with a family member's name.