Friday, December 13, 2019

What a night! Not much sleep, as you suspected, Pom Pom. Although in fact the whole answer was there in the exit poll, broadcast at 10pm as voting stopped.

I have never known such an election for restless dissatisfaction amongst the voters. “None of the above”, as I felt in the US in 2016, seemed to be the universal sentiment. In fact, I think the result in England was the best of the available possibilities. I thought we’d have another hung parliament, with the DUP (Northern Irish Protestants) or the Scottish Nationalists providing the tail that wagged the dog. A government under Jeremy Corbyn would have been terrifying. I thought he would do better, with all his bribes – free wi-fi for everybody, and big cash payments to women in their 60’s (that’s Rachel) who had the state retirement age changed from 60 to 65 just as they were about to sit down with a well-earned cup of tea.

So I was wrong, and we’ve got the thoroughly unlovable and untrustworthy Boris with a majority which allows him to act.

The result in Scotland is a good deal less to my taste. My husband would have been pleased.

Back to business. I finished the pocket square and blocked it:

Later, I knit a bit of Dathan Hap. Miraculously, it proved to be exactly where I left it and where I expected it to be. I ordered the yarn for the South African hap from Jamieson & Smith, and had an email from them a couple of hours later to say that it had been dispatched. No doubt it will be delivered during one of the rare moments where there is no one here.

Tomorrow, for instance, I am going out to lunch with Helen’s three sons – Archie and his brothers, to put it another way – plus an Oxford friend of Mungo’s (the middle son). That will be fun.

I have quite a few canvas project bags, The next thing to do in the search for the Spring Shawl is to go through them carefully, one by one. I’ve looked already, but I must now make sure that (a) I am looking in each one thoroughly and (b) I am not leaving any out, while looking in others twice. I’ll keep you posted. I haven’t much hope.


  1. I suspect that Mr C wrecked his chances by making the bribes too big and too specific, whereas Mr J was painting with broad brush in a can-do kind of a way. Much better psychology. Not that either of them appeal. Just look forward to your lunch.

  2. I lost a project for over a year, it turned up in a bicycle basket. So odd. It can't have gone far. Knitting may be the only solution to the election news.

  3. You, I take it, do not vote as an American citizen? It certainly was an eye-opener to see those northern towns going Tory - Workington, for example.
    There's no possibility that you took the shawl to Strathardle when you popped up there?

  4. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Now There's a thought (Strathardle). Chloe