Thursday, December 12, 2019

I’m down to the last 20 stitches of the pocket square, decreasing one stitch per row. I should finish tomorrow. I’ve had another look at Gudrun’s hap pattern, and have written down the yardages required for each of the five shades. I’ll get that order in to Jamieson & Smith tomorrow, I hope.

What I haven’t done is locate the Spring Shawl. My personal trainer came today and I got her to crawl around on the floor and make absolutely sure that it wasn’t under or behind the chest of drawers on top of which I last remember seeing it. It’s not. And it must be my fault – no bad man would have tiptoed in and removed the Spring Shawl. The cleaner might have tidied it away somewhere – she, too, thinks it was on the chest of drawers.

When the cats dedicate themselves to helping with my knitting, like furry Rumplestiltskins, they usually leave their work much in evidence. But it's possible they have been more subtle this time.

The new VK arrived today – a good 'un. They recommend a book called “Enjoy Fair Isle Knitting” by a Japanese lover of Shetland, Chihiro Sato. I couldn’t find out any more about it than what VK says – but hey! the author is Japanese and the publisher is The Shetland Times, so I ordered it. Report here soon.

Here is the beautiful needle roll Alexander brought me yesterday, and the beautiful bone needles within. And I think you’re right, Tamar, that they should be kept out of reach of furry helpers.


I felt very weak, and cancelled an outing to see “Ordinary Love”. C. and I hope to find it on somewhere next week. I was all set to cancel tomorrow’s Italian, but the effort of writing an explanation in Italian was too much for me. One more lesson and then we’ll stop for Christmas.

The kimchi overflowed vigorously yesterday – a good sign. It has quietened down now.

Now, of course, I must go do some Italian homework.


  1. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Those needles and the Chinese silk roll are absolutely wonderful. Thanks for sharing them with us. Joe-inWyoming

  2. Goodness, that is beautiful! Must keep it out of reach of the felines, for sure. I appreciate that explaining why you can't do the lesson is more work than doing the lesson. i was browsing in my Kindle books yesterday and saw that I have all of the Pallisers, so I must have had good intentions at some point. Meanwhile, I am still plowing through the Helene Tursten Swedish detective novels. Good for a dark, cold time of year.

  3. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Oh, dear, Jean. I'm sure it Will turn up. Just hope that it will be in time for when you need it. Cold dark December is about halfway through. Looking forward to January 1 which always feels like a huge relief. At least there's Christmas. Chloe

  4. The needle roll and dpns are gorgeous - what a generous gift.

  5. I'm going to order that book, too!
    Hmmm. Where could the shawl be? I hope you find it soon.
    LOVELY needle keeper and needles!
    I hope you get a good night's sleep tonight.