Tuesday, September 05, 2023

 Mostly about cats, today, but first —

Knitting went well. Surely there can’t be more than one more scallop in that ball of yarn, so tomorrow will be yarn-winding day. KD has dispatched my package. What about needles?

Alexander and Ketki came this morning. Together we talked to someone from the City of Edinburgh (I think) about what they will provide: a hospital bed, a commode, a snazzy tool for getting in and out of a bath. Alexander and Ketki then went off to address my other problems but I won’t get a report on that until Thursday.

   Cats: I had a message today from Paradox’ new owner to say that she seemed to expect to be given water on the kitchen worktop. What a clever cat, to express that! That’s exactly where I gave her water, in a little machine called a Cat Mate which made a little waterfall as cats are said to like moving water. It had to be plugged in, hence the worktop. I’m sure Alexander and Ketki haven’t allowed her onto a worktop in the last two months.

   She has also been gathering balls of yarn, as she wanders about at night, and putting them with her cat-carrier.

   Anonymous (comment yesterday): I’m not convinced that Paradox and Perdita are alienated by each other’s looks, but it’s a very interesting idea. They have the same mother, about two years apart. Paradox is the glamorous sister — longer fur, a longer tail. She had the finest tail in the Second New Town —( now I suppose I’ve got to say “…in the south of England”). She used to sit on top of appropriate pieces of furniture and display it artlessly. Perdita has a rather unusually short tail —I have wondered sometimes whether she might not be 1/64th wild cat.

   And Paradox’ colours, although very similar to Perdita’s, are conspicuously brighter. There’s plenty to be bad-tempered about.

   Wordle: Roger is still un-heard-from. Otherwise all threes and fours. I was among the threes. 


  1. Mary Lou8:40 PM

    I got my first three in quite a while, today!

  2. Anonymous8:48 PM

    It seems as though Paradox is comfortable in her new home. To make a request takes some confidence and trust. I so hope it is a successful placement.
    I struggled with Wordle today, I kept choosing the wrong letter from the myriad of choices. Ended up with a 5.
    I'm looking forward to seeing the yarn that KD has sent.
    Sarah in Manhattan

  3. Glad Paradox is happier - she must have missed having the knitting!

  4. =Tamar4:59 PM

    Cats are creatures of habit. The older they get, the more they like routine.
    Here in MD it is very hot and getting hotter. Yesterday DC just missed 100-F by one degree. Today and tomorrow they might reach it, for I think the first time since 1980. Even the cool nights have been muggy.
    Paradox seems to have settled in. I wonder if she was the culprit behind your "hidden knitting" incidents.

  5. Anonymous5:46 PM

    It's very good of Paradox's new owner to give you an update. It sounds like a good beginning. Loretta