Monday, September 11, 2023

 The weather was a bit on and off today. I didn’t get out. Helen and her family should be back today. I eagerly look forward to hearing that they all are safely here, and that Perdita, who has been alone in the house all this while, fed by a neighbour, is OK

   My fall: no further repercussions. Tamar, they do have an alarm in the bathroom. I tugged and t ugged but it didn’t work. To their credit, it was put right this morning, and I have also been issued with a portable  alarm to wear on my wrist. Kirsten, you’re right, a stool or even the right sort of chair would help. Something to sit on while I brush my teeth and wash behind my ears. 

   Knitting: i started again. I was about halfway through the ribbing when it t looked to me as if I had somehow turned it inside out. The properly twisted rib seemed to be mostly on the inside, except for the last two rounds. (“Look at your knitting” — one of the most useful of EZ’s maxims.) This sort of thing can happen, has happened to me before, if I pick something up after a gap and set off in the wrong direction.

   But in that case — trying to force my age-fogged brain into action — I would have achieved a “short round”, and ought to be able to spot the parts that were two rounds deeper than other parts.

   But what if I had made the mistake at the starting point? I might have laid it aside  precisely there.

   I continued to be uneasy about size. I remembered another useful rule of life, this one taught me by a nun at the school where I used to teach: When in doubt, take it out.

   So I did, and started again with a substantially smaller size. Much stitch-counting, much careful attention  to not twisting. I am nearly finished with the second round.

   Wordle: again, I found it very hard, and again scraped home with six. And again have something to say about it, if I can hold it in memory until tomorrow.  Rachel joined me with six. Alexander had five. Ketki and her son Thomas scored four. Mark had a sensational three which he modestly attributes to luck.silence, so far, from across the pond.



  1. Anonymous7:26 PM

    So glad there are no I’ll effects from the bathroom incident, Jean. Well don’t on starting again with the knitting!

    1. Anonymous2:36 AM

      Best wishes for a smooth version 2 of the ribbing. I have had that problem any number of times, and it is frustrating - especially if a larger item like a sweater, as opposed to a mitten cuff.
      Glad to hear you do not feel poorly as a result of the fall. At least now the residence knows they need to check those alarm bells more frequently.
      Let's all have a calm week!
      Lisa RR

    2. Anonymous9:34 AM

      Apologies, ‘don’t’ in my comment above should have read ‘done’, not sure what happened, I’m sure it was right before I hit publish. Anyway, well done on starting again Jean!

  2. =Tamar12:21 PM

    I hope that they have gone around and tested all the alarm systems by now. I am very glad you were not hurt.
    Good for you, taking the ribbing out and starting over.
    Weather continues pleasant. It looks as though we may not be hit by the latest hurricane.

  3. Anonymous2:12 PM

    To me the hardest part of in-the-round is getting those first three rows right. Some people knit them straight till they can see what is happening, then join in the round. Doesn’t suit everybody because you have go back and kitchener those rounds later, but it may occasionally be worth it. Glad no broken bones from the fall! Chloe

  4. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Like the others, I am so glad there was no damage done from the fall.
    I have just frogged a substantial amount of knitting from a small sweater for a grandchild.
    I should know to knit a size larger for a 6 year old but I foolishly tried to finish quickly, thinking I could block it. I’m now glad to move ahead by adding a few stitches here and there before rejoining the sleeves for the Fair Isle upper portion. It is a fun knit, so no problem.
    Thinking about Perdita and hoping she is managing on her own.
    Sarah in Manhattan