Saturday, September 16, 2023

 Sun, this evening, after a day of unremitting gloom. Helen and David stopped in to see me, with a friend I didn’t remember but should have, on their way to Glasgow to see the recently-reopened Burrell Collection.

Yesterday”s gas man claims to have been successful — Alexander knows no more than that. So things are in train to get me home to DP on Wednesday the 27th. I am eagerly looking forward to living  with my remaining cat, and to eating seasoned food and to having a second glass of cider if I fancy it. But nervous, too, after three months cushioned in care. And my hip is undoubtedly, very recently, worse. Can Wafa and I manage?

Knitting: I was tremendously grateful for your comment, Tamar — cheerfully assuming  I would rip out a round and a half. I went to bed last night hoping somebody would suggest a fudge. But there was nothing to be done — if I had knit on to the starting point and then turned, there would have been those two messy rounds at the beginning to haunt me forever. As it was, it didn’t really take all that long. Retrieving ribbed stitches is easy because you can see whether you’ve got them all. Once I had them, I put in an extra row of ribbing  to get everybody settled in the right direction and un-split. 

I’ve now reached round five. It’s going to be slow work.

Wordle: back to our usual spread today — threes and fours. Mark, Thomas and Rachel were the threes.

Yesterday”s word was EXERT. My starters gave me ERT, all brown. I can’t remember what I put in line three. I think it was an accidental Jean-word, re-using a letter already excluded. It gave me the second E, however. I was fiddling around with the anagram, typing in X for the unknown letter as is my wont, when I looked at the screen and saw that I had typed in the answer, X and all.


  1. =Tamar8:35 PM

    Oh, that's funny - the patch letter turned out to be the right one! It is actually slightly cold here this morning. It will warm up to the usual 80F no doubt but that 50-odd degrees F night brought it home that we are now in early Fall.

    Knit on!

  2. Yesterday was summerm, today is autumn. I shall check the garden for daffodils tomorrow.

    1. Anonymous6:19 PM

      Let us know if you find them. Seriously, I've got grape hyacinths right now!

  3. Mary Lou6:26 PM

    I am happy the ripping out worked, sorry to disappoint you with no quick fix! We are having cool mornings, here, as well. September weather. It hasn't motivated me to plunge ahead on a sweater design I've been pondering.