Wednesday, September 06, 2023

 I think perhaps my arthritic hip is worse. I can’t walk as far (with the Zimmer frame) as before. (I can’t walk any distance at all without it.) I have at appt at the Royal Infirmary on Friday morning to be further assessed for a hip-replacement operation. Alexander and Ketki will take me and remain in attendance. I look forward to discussing with a doctor the pros and cons of proceeding. I’m rather against, as I think is Alexander and also Helen. 

Nothing happened today. The sun shone. 

And I finally finished the second skein of yarn and prepared to wind the third. It is defective — lots of breaks — and I don’t, for once, think it’s my fault. The yarn was bought recently. The other two skeins — 100  grams (440 yards)  of sock yarn in each — were faultless. There’s no other sign of moth-infestation.

In any case, I must take what I’m given. When I came to the first break I thought ahah! I’ll just wind off what I need  and leave the rest of the skein. There’s the rub, of course. How much do I need? By the time I had struggled on to lunchtime, I had three small balls. I have attached the one I think is the largest. There are 3 1/2 scallops to go. Report tomorrow.

The KD package has been dispatched, they tell me, but has not yet arrived.

Wordle: a funny one. My starters served me well. I scored three, as did Theo, Thomas, and Mark. That’s half of us. Of the other four, Roger scored four, Alexander five, Ketki six, and Rachel failed. Alexander, Ketki, and poor Rachel spent a lot of time stuck on ???, ???, grn, grn, grn. 


  1. =Tamar11:10 PM

    I wonder if the wool was from a stressed sheep. If the sheep are upset, their wool will have a weak spot. Machine spinning won't necessarily catch it, if it is just strong enough to hold but can break in the winding. How annoying.
    I once bought some wool singles that had to have been machine handled all the way - they were full of thorns! I liked the yarn so I picked out the thorns, but it took three passes through the winder. Made a nice hat.
    Good luck with the various consultations.

  2. Mary Lou4:44 PM

    I have had that with softer, fragile wool, in one skein, but not others. I hope you have enough in that one ball and don't end up spit splicing too many ends!