Saturday, January 29, 2005


My week of Knitlist moderation is over!

I got the above wonderful picture from CT yesterday of the new wonderful handpainted alpaca. I can hardly wait. It looks as if I have two different shades -- I had forgotton that I asked for that. If so, I will return to my idea of shadow ribbing, I guess you might call it, a fisherman's rib technique, dead easy, using two yarns so that one rib is in one colour and the other, on the other side, in the other colour. Not clear. I'll return to the subject when I get the yarn.

And I'll have the perfect excuse (a May deadline) to stop whatever I'm doing and knit the scarf at once, a rare treat.

Knitter's Magazine finally turned up yesterday. You will remember that I was recently urged to re-subscribe, in a message sent to this address but aimed at someone named Linda Peterson. Sure enough, the subscriber ID on the renewal notice was not mine, either. I think I'll go on waiting. I've still got two issues to come.

My reaction to the magazine was rather the opposite of the way VK affected me. I received it with cries of joy, but there's nothing there for me. I do like my friend Janis Witkins' hat design, though, and may even attempt it. She says it was originally designed for Koigu, and I would certainly use that if I do have a go at it.

We'll be going to the country on Monday, so I can start the striped Koigu sweater for daughter Rachel.


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