Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Wallaby -- last appearance

We got some pictures from Greece yesterday of grandsons cavorting about the Peloponnese. Here are Archie, Fergus in his Wallaby, an unknown girl, and Mungo. The Wallaby was clearly none too big, to begin with (it has since shrunk to uselessness). I took a course at Stitches East in '02 on Designing for Children, and I remember the techer saying that children, on the whole, grow vertically without expanding much in circumference.

It's interesting in this case. I had been worried that the sweater was too small, but it's clearly fine, round-and-round, just a bit too short. The neckline is on the big side, too. This was one of the ones I calculated on the EPS system, as modified by Meg Swansen. She suggests making the neck 50% of the circumference of the body, for children -- 40%, I think, for adults. Too big is certainly better than those dreadful tussles to pull a too-tight sweater over the head of a patient child, but I think when I knit a duplicate Wallaby I may go down a bit.

I know that Mungo likes his Koigu, but haven't had a report on fit.

Here, the Fair Isle jacket progresses, gussets and all, as I continue to fiddle with the colours.

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