Thursday, January 06, 2005

Somewhat More Cheerful

The obituary for my daughter's friend Robin Needham who perished in the tsunami is at It's very touching.

I am irritated at my former hero Colin Powell for saying (on more than one occasion) that American relief efforts would show the Muslim world how nice Americans can be. This ain't a political or religious matter, mister. It's a question of human beings. I think maybe what he actually saw yesterday will shut him up on that theme. I hope so. When Clinton bombed the Serbs on behalf of the Muslims of Bosnia, he might have said the same thing, but had the wit not to.

Yesterday I solved the problem of how to get documents into an old Palm. The day before that I solved the anxieties caused by the odd behaviour of my computer by applying the Ultimate Cure -- I turned it off and turned it on again. All is well.

The Fair Isle jacket proceeds nicely. I'm confident that the pattern is legible, less so, that I like the effect. It's pleasant knitting, though. I've nearly finished the first pattern repeat. Vertical symmetry is beginning to kick in -- that is, on the way down I'm knitting the same rows over again, that I knit on the way up. The real killer with Stillwater was when I finished an entire pattern repeat, 62 rows I think, and started on the next one, and realised that things were never going to get even moderately easier.

Mungo's Koigu began its journey to Thessaloniki yesterday. I think I'll have that for today's illustration. (Illustrations go up after text, so as to come out on top.)


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