Saturday, January 15, 2005

Ribwarmer, Koigu

Janis asks to see a pic of my new Koigu. I'm afraid it's just a dozen skeins of black, to let me duplicate grandson Jamie's sweater for daughter Rachel. I offer instead another pic of Jamie in his sweater, taken on Christmas day during the present-opening session in the afternoon. Behind him you can see my husband, on the left, and Jamie's mother Ketki holding her second son, Thomas the Younger, who is wearing his Baby Surprise. I mean to do exactly the same thing for Rachel's sweater -- five row stripes alternating black and all the Koigu colours I can lay my hands on.

One more evening should finish the ribwarmer. I got it assembled last night, and i-corded almost all the way around one armhole. It remains to be seen whether blocking will smooth it out a bit, or whether I'll need to take out the i-cord which goes around the periphery and re-do it on a larger needle.

Janis is encouraging on the subject of eating pea-shoots. I saw something about it again in a foodie magazine yesterday -- Sainsbury's is selling them, with the peas still attached. So perhaps I could grow them on the windowsill and save precious garden space.

I have been fretting about Prince Harry and his swastika. There was a brilliant, Tacitean story in the Times yesterday about it. Harry and William and a hooray-Henry silly-upper-class-twit of a friend, named Mr Pelly I think, went together to a costume shop a few days before the party. Harry chose the costume we all know, William went as a leopard, and Mr Pelly elected to go as the Queen. On the night, hey all went together to the party, where Mr Pelly entertained the guests by making a speech in the Queen's silly voice.

And what the article didn't need to say, and didn't say, was that a) neither William nor Mr Pelly saw anything wrong with Harry's choice of costume and b) neither William nor Harry said to Mr Pelly, I'd rather you didn't make fun of my grandmother.

It's enough to turn one republican. Small-R.




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