Monday, January 31, 2005

Late Sunday

We're hoping to go to the country tomorrow (Monday), so this is the last time anyone will hear from me until next weekend. Our son Alexander is planning to come to see us on Tuesday with his wife Ketki and his sons Jamie and Thomas the Younger, so I should have some snaps when I get back. Knitting will be done with my new Koigu!

QueerJoe doesn't seem to post as often as he used to, just now. ( I miss my daily fix. I ordered some sock needles from him yesterday, of an interesting-sounding Indian wood, and will report on them when they arrive. The last time we went to London I broke a sock needle on the train going south -- I use Brittany birches, which I love, in sets of five -- and spent the entire visit in a fever of anxiety lest I break another and have to stop knitting. I didn't, but my Brittany stock is getting low. and QueerJoe's supplies sound interesting. The cost isn't that high -- if HM Customs hits me, it can be endured.

I'm trying to extricate myself from the Knitlist. I've turned it off, for the moment, since my week at last is over, and life feels a bit empty. I could bear to go on if the list were moderated, as it has been for the last few days, as we have struggled to stop a "survey" which too many people loved to fill out. "Moderated" would mean that I could log on four or five times a day and read and approve or disapprove the up-to-12 messages waiting for my attention. "Unmoderated" means that one week in four, I have to read the whole damn lot, 180+ each day, and write mild notes of disapproval to the authors of messages which would have been stopped if we'd been moderated. If you see what I mean. (Advertisements, flames, virus messages, copyright violations.anything to do with knitting on airplanes-- that sort of thing.) For reasons I still don't grasp, the Head Listmom is violently opposed ("moderation sucks" -- and she's a minister's wife) so I've got to get out.

The Fair Isle jacket is nearing the armpits. I've got 19 stitches in the underarm gusset (when I finish the current round) -- the idea was to have 25. But, as well as other calculations, I'm measuring the jacket against a beloved store-boughten cardigan of my own, and certainly won't knit the current jacket to be any longer: and we're getting close to the armpits. It won't matter if the gusset is two or four or even six stitches short.

As I write -- but I'm sure things will be different when I post this tomorrow morning -- we are waiting, as we have been for hours, for news of the Hercules transport plane which came down north of Baghdad today. It happened nearly seven hours ago, as I write, and details seem remarkably scarce. Tony's appearance on television to applaud the Iraqi election revealed that he knows what we don't know, and his costume seemed distinctly subdued. We shall see. The quiet seems ominous. Lots of people must know exactly who and exactly what was on that plane.

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  1. Um, wouldn't you have to read every single message, every single time you logged in, if the whole lot were moderated? How many members are on the list? Wouldn't you have to read many, many more posts if everyone was moderated? Seems like an awful lot of reading! If you're already burned with doing the list, seems like having to read every post would be worse.