Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The battle in World War II which was "the end of the beginning" was El Alamein, of course. We are still reading Churchill at bedtime -- 1942 was tough, despite the active engagement of the Americans. Singapore has fallen and the Japanese are rampaging around the Pacific unchecked, threatening both India and Australia. Malta is sorely pressed, and is essential for British defence of the Middle East. And Auchenlech has half a million men in Egypt, all having to be supplied by convoys around the Cape, but seems strangely reluctant to launch an offensive against Rommel. Montgomery hasn't appeared on the scene yet. Now read on...

I lost contact with the world for an hour or so yesterday morning; presumably a crisis at Demon. It was really scary. I can forget how dependent I am on my ghostly friends.

Anyway, the veil lacks but two rows before the leaf-pattern in the side panels is finished.

I have run out of yarn, and won't be able to do any more until the wee package arrives from Heirloom Knitting. It could be today.


I got the medicaments and the smoked salmon, and got almost all the wrapping done. Two cards remain to write (it's getting rather late for them), clothes to iron, camera to prepare, and knitting, and... I think I'd better make a list.

One aspect of Christmas for the elderly which the newspaper columnists although desperate for material do not seem to have noticed, is how it brings bad news. I don't mean death, although that is bad enough, but sparkling minds reduced in darkness and silence to wheelchairs and nursing homes.

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