Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Day in the Morning

All well here. The fact thst London is 400 miles or so south of Edinburgh, and that the days have been bright, gives indeed the illusion that one can sense already the turn of the year. I am so greatly blessed by and in my children and grandchildren that I tremble sometimes, in moments like these, at the extent of my felicity.

Thank you, Mar and Franklin, for the Christmas greetings. Decorating the tree while Kings College Choic sings is an essential part of our celebration. That piercing soprano, Once in Royal David's City, is the moment when Christmas begins for us. They say that the boy who is to do it doesn't know, each year, until the moment when they are all lined up and about to process in and the whole world is listening. Then the choir master taps one of them on the shoulder.

Tamar, the First Holy Communion Veil is my pattern in a sense, but all the hard work was done by Mariane Kinzel in a design for an altar frontal which I have incorporated. There is a description on my website. It's called "Lizzie Ogden's Communion Veil" or something like that. I've printed out myown instructions for use this second time round, and I hope to tighten them up a bit (=render more intelligible) when this veil is finished. It worries me that attempts to Google on "knitted first holy communion veil" don't produce my suggestions, or at least, not in the first couple of pages. I doubt if there are many other patterns out there, if any. Anyone who Googled on that phrase would be happy to read my notes, I think.

I'm pressing hard with the travel socks, and making good progress. Picture on return.

Happy holidays to all.

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  1. Anonymous4:10 AM

    I have a job each year of delivering flowers for a local florist. This year I had the pleasure of listening to the music from Kings COllege on our local NPR station as I drove around getting flowers to their new homes. It was wonderful!