Monday, December 12, 2005

We're moving along. I suppose I'm about half-way done with the main body of the thing -- then are are another, what? 40 rows, while points form at the bottom. You can currently see the top -- this is top-down -- of the big cross beginning to form.

I've relaxed about size. This is a little girl we're talking about. It'll be fine.

And it's not a rest-of-my-lifetime project, either, like the Princess Shawl. This one will get finished. The event is in April, so I've got time. Indeed if I'd known earlier that James and his family were going to spend Christmas in England, I might have had it done in time to take back. As it is, it'll have to be DHL and that's a bore (not the expense so much as filling out the forms).


I did the arithmetic on the Christmas cards, recoiled from the result, and got a good day's work done yesterday. The difficulty, of course, lies in maintaining the pace without making the cards sound perfunctory.

The Sunday Times Su Doku was as impossible as ever. I put in 5 numbers, I think. What am I missing?

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  1. Oh, I have forsworn Sudoku totally. Give me the Sunday NY Times crossword puzzle and the Cryptic (similar to British word puzzles).

    As far as your website is concerned, here's what I'd do. If you don't have the pictures on your hard drive, right-mouse click on each and save them. If you highlight the webpage text and select "copy" you should be able to paste it into a word processing document. If you no longer have access to Demon, you won't be able to grab the .html pages whole. But at least you'll be able to save something.

    Thank you for posting your progress on the veil. I need to get back to the Melanie shawl but I'm knitting socks for the family. Somehow I always seem to do this at Christmas.