Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Oh, Lorna, I didn't mean a challenge. I was thinking more of mutual help and support, a SuDoku-along. When either of us figured out where a number goes, she would write to the other and explain where and why. It would be wonderful if your husband would take over this role and we could just sit back and learn. I attach my pitiful effort from last Sunday to inspire him. I like to work a SuDoku while my porridge is cooking, and on Sundays I can't.

I'm, if you want to pursue the subject off-blog. Or anybody else wants to say anything.

Helen, I agree about the nice PO in Canonmills, and go there as often as I can. But the dreadful St James Centre one can be combined with buying fish from wonderful Mr and Mrs Dee, and also with looking at yarn in John Lewis, so I often wind up there after all.


The lunch party was delightful, and I got a good set of Christmas cards written. I'm going to be OK if I don't falter.

Inspired by my own words yesterday, I've begun thinking about what to knit when the veil is finished. Here is some recent retail-therapy-stash-enhancement, four skeins of Debbie Bliss' Maya. What to do with it? I had kind of thought of a vest, but Sweater Wizard doesn't do sleeveless, and my copy of Knitting Great Basics is in Kirkmichael I think (it's full of schematics for just about everything in all sizes and weights of yarn), and flipping through Folk Vests leads me to suspect I haven't got enough yarn. I don't need another ribwarmer. Are we to be reduced to a series of watchcaps? It's really too heavy for a scarf. Or perhaps I should buy some more and do something slightly more adventurous from the Folk Vests book?

The odd-ball in the picture is also Maya, left over from knitting a ribwarmer with a former four-skein purchase.

Meanwhile the veil made some progress. I'm having trouble with the stitch count on certain rows, and can't yet see why. I've reached the cross-piece of the central cross.

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