Friday, December 16, 2005

Lee, the Kinzel "Arabesque" scarf is beautiful. It's in the same book as my altar frontal, as I'm sure you know. I'm also pretty sure that this veil is the only Kinzel I'll ever knit, but I greatly admire her work. And I suspect it hits new heights for accuracy.

Comments and Hit-Counting

You'll probably have guessed what happened. Alexander said to take his code out and see if comments were restored. I did and they weren't. So I hared back to Haloscan and got their code again and pasted it in, with the ridiculous result you see: I've now got two, but all my beloved former comments are gone. Perhaps I'll have another go at the template soon, perhaps I can't stand it. At least I've still got a blog.

Queer Joe is starting an Annual Award for knitting blogs. I don't see how anyone can read enough of them to judge. We each have our little round. I'll have to vote, though. Joe, himself. Franklin. ( Mar. ( Crazy Aunt Purl. ( There are others. They'll have to be shoehorned into the different categories. Crazy Aunt Purl is brilliant at detailed photographs illustrating techniques -- see her latest; but I'm not sure there's a category for that.

When I composed blog entries off-line in a program called BlogJet, it let me hide URLs behind words or phrases in proper, grown-up hyperlinks. I don't seem to be able to do that, here in Blogger itself. But BlogJet doesn't let me enbed photographs. I'll get it all straightened out in the end.

Meanwhile, a bit more veil was done, and a bit more Christmas. I've got two boxes ready for the post, each containing multiple presents. They represent such an Achievement, there on the floor, that I will be sorry to part with them. This afternoon will have to be spent queueing at the Post Office.

Su Doku

We've run into a road block. It would appear that there are some puzzles which can only be solved by trial-and-error, or suck-it-and-see, to use a more technical term. Pick a square in which only two numbers can possibly appear, try one of them, and see what result you get, down the line. Lorna and I disapprove mightily. This is not Su Doku as we have always understood it.

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