Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Five Six Seven

Didn’t get as far as hoped with Sam. Here he is with three cuffs, but the Great Joining Round remains to be done when we get back. (He looks headless, but he isn't.)

We’re off to Strathardle today – the only June visit, as the last week of this month is to be devoted to art in London, with sinking of heart and anticipated tiredness of feet. But today, barring disaster, I will be reunited with my vegetables. We plan to come back a week today and blogging should resume on the 13th.

Odds and ends

Annie M has been to TNNA, whatever that is, teaching, signing books, having a nice time – and fondling yarn. She has an amazing list in today’s post which I have only begun to explore.

On the other hand, I did work all the way through the BritKnitCast list of independent UK dyers and spinners, and wound up liking our own dear Yarnyard best, although I also thought Posh Yarn rather nice.

And, oh, kristieinbc, I also had a look at Noro Cashmere Island! I am nearly finished with the bedsocks I am knitting from bison down and cashmere from Wild Geese Fibres. I got a few more rounds done in the dentist’s office yesterday, and nothing is more tempting at the moment than to go straight on to Noro. Bedsocks get a surprising amount of wear, but they don’t get washed nearly as often as everyday socks. Ten percent nylon is probably plenty…

A quick email from my brother-in-law yesterday to say that the cashmere yarn for Theo’s gansey has turned up safely in CT (from Handknitting.com). I haven’t had a eyeball-and-fondling report yet.

Natalie of the Yarnyard has honoured and flattered me by asking me to test drive some new merino laceweight yarn she is considering. It’s a good moment, with Sam nearly done and the Princess at an excellent stopping-place. I’ve chosen a pattern from Victorian Lace Today, and…


  1. TNNA is a trade show for retailers of needlework supplies in the US. Think it stands for The National Needlework Association. It sounds like a really interesting event. I enjoy your blog a lot and look forward to hearing more about your progress on the Princess Shawl.

  2. A week devoted to art in London. I'll take it, sore feet and all!!
    DH and I are frequently asked by people from other locations "Do you go to Niagara Falls?" Truthful reply - "Only when we have visitors."
    On your valuable recommendation, I have ordered both Heirloom Knitting and Hap Shawls. I want to re-create a grey, everyday shawl which was knitted for my sister, in 1943. Not "Heirloom Knitting" lace. More sturdy, as I recall.

  3. Dear Jean, I am so happy to have found your blog! I remember you from the knitted lace list, not so very many years ago. I missed your presence there, but am glad to see that your knitting work, and knitted lace, goes on.

  4. I have both of Sharon Millers books and they are wonderful. I would be interested to know how you get on with the Yarnyard Merino laceweight as I love her colours. What weight of laceweight would you think of it as? 2ply, 1 ply or cobweb? I used 3mm needles on my sample of her yarn.

  5. Oooo, new lace! I'll have to grab the copy of VLT from the library and see if I can guess which one you'll do for a test drive : )

  6. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Re the grafting issue being Sam's tummy, does this close him up completely or is there an "end" left open for stuffing? If you have an open area, could you graft the knits and then turn it inside out to graft the purls which would then look like knits?


  7. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Sam looks wonderful. I can't wait to see him completed. (The Princess is beyond words.)

  8. Dear Jean,
    Thanks for the birthday wishes and I hope you are having a grand time with your veggies. I've been doing a fair amount of gardening myself and feel rather proud. Will post some pictures later.