Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I did it!

It was a combination of Lucy Neatby's Sock Toe Chimneys and going back to Montse Stanley and really paying attention to the diagram, instead of just Blindly Following the written instructions. I see what they mean about the grafting being offset by half a stitch, but hey! it’s grafted ribbing!

(I also finished Sam’s fourth leg yesterday, and sewed all four in place.)

Next, I must graft 18 stitches of ribbing to 22 body stitches. I got that job lined up last night, and saw that the body stitches are not ribbed at all. Some of them are Aran-panel, others seed stitch.

Since a line of grafting creates only one row of fake knitting, I think the only thing to do is to graft in ribbing, rather than try to accommodate the k’s and p’s of the 22 stitches as well. I think. We shall see. The designer, in whom I have the utmost faith by now, is emphatic that you should “graft to match the K or P nature of the stitch you are sewing”. That sounds as if you should try to pay attention to all of them.

Assuming – a big assumption – that that goes well, I might even be stuffing Sam today, ceteris paribus. Unfortunately, other things aren’t equal. I’m going to see Madame Butterfly this evening, which will not only cut radically across the time usually devoted to knitting but will mean that much of the day will have to be spent thinking about and lining up food to leave behind for my husband.

I’ll try to sneak half-an-hour to attempt that grafting, though.


I’m fine; Sunday’s fall has done no harm. Thank you for the concerned comments. (And Hi! Gail.) I think it would be a good idea, as you suggest, Tamar, to learn how to fall. My sister-in-law says to observe football players. In both of the falls that resulted in fractures I was carrying something; this time I wasn’t. One’s instinct is to protect one’s burden and it’s a hard instinct to abandon in a split second.

I stumbled across this link just now. It’s good fun. It might have been interesting to include alcohol – hard to believe they’re all teetotallers. The Mileses of Edinburgh eat very well, by world standards; but I knew that.


  1. I think they'd be better off drinking a little alcohol than all those bottles and cans of Coke, but maybe that's just me. Lovely to see all those smiles.

  2. Ah, Jean, thanks for the link to the Time site. That is one of the most interesting issues of Time we've rec'd in a long time. The magazine had only 4 families/cultures represented.

    RE: alcohol...well the Germans have their "brewskie's" right up "front and center". The Brits come in second with a bottle of wine on the mantle.

  3. Congratulations on the resolution to the grafting issue! I'm looking forward to seeing how Sam's feet and the main body come together.

    I think the main stand out item was how little fruit and veg there was in many of the Westerners' diets. Oops!

  4. Anonymous6:48 PM

    oooh, glad to hear there wasn't any serious injury...when I was studying Krav Maga, we learned how to fall. And then, our instructor climbed up onto this high jungle gym and just...fell OFF. Of course, to show us, it works from all heights...yikes. :)