Monday, June 18, 2007

Not much knitting yesterday. I fell down, the sort of thing old ladies should avoid doing. I’ve got away with it this time, but the right wrist – which wasn’t involved at all; I fell on my well-padded bottom – is sore and weak. I am beginning to get the idea of how shock must travel through an elderly skeleton, quaerens quem devoret.

Anyway, Sam’s third leg is done. I hope to provide him with a fourth today, and maybe get them sewn into the cuffs. Then comes more grafting.

I’ve posted a query to the SamtheRam Yahoo group on the subject, although I very much doubt whether anyone is going to be able to come up with anything better than Lucy Neatby's Sock Toe Chimneys. The tutorial you referred to yesterday looks good, too, Lorna. I’m sure she’s right that it’s a good idea to take the stitches off the needles and pin them out. At the moment I’m rather looking forward to this. Another failure will dampen my enthusiasm.

Kapok: live and learn. I realise that I have no idea what it is, really. I didn’t know until I read your comment yesterday, Kate, that it was natural. I don’t think the stuff I’ve got is kapok at all – it says “100% white washable luxury soft filling” on the label, which isn’t very informative, and comes from a company called Abbey Kapok and Fillings. I think I jumped to the wrong conclusion. It looks as if it’ll do fine for Sam, whether or not there is quite enough of it.

Odds and Ends

Natalie of the Yarn Yard told me about the Yahoo “Mystery Stole 3” group the other day, and I made haste to join. The idea is that the designer will issue the stole pattern in bits, and we all knit along not knowing where we’re going. It’s a fun idea all right, but I had to drop out of message-receiving at once because the volume is tremendous and the knitting hasn’t even started yet. With all the beautiful things in the world that one isn’t going to have time to knit, I am surprised that so very many people want to do this.

I read your blog with interest, Mel, after you left a comment the other day, and therein discovered Ravelry, which everybody seems to have known about but me. A sort of Facebook for knitters? It’s not “up” yet – one can but press one’s nose against the window, but it looks good.


  1. Sorry about your bum wrist (and bum bum). Ravelry is certainly interesting, and I'm enjoying playing with it, though I'm not sure if it will become more than a plaything for me or not. The couple who are doing it are a husband/wife team from Boston, and Casey (the husband) just posted that he's quit his job so that they can both work on it full-time. I expect this will speed up the development and the invites.

  2. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Jean, another fall forces me out of lurkdom. For the sake of the lace knitting world you must stop this! Maybe sticky stuff on the bottoms of your shoes? :-) As for MS3, I joined 1&2 and quickly went to Special Notices. That way you only get messages from Melanie. You can still check on line for any tips etc but nothing worth while will appear unitl the first clue is given, only hundreds of "my yarn arrived" posts.

    Much love, Gail, now in Friday Harbor (michael says hi)

  3. I'm doing MS3 too. And I, as well dropped the messages.

  4. You are forbidden to have any more falls or we will be forced to wrap you up in batts of wool or cover you in balls of yarn to cushion you! Really, take care care and try to let you posterior heal while you are knitting.

  5. Anonymous7:19 AM

    NO more falls! And if you should slip, definitely do not try to 'save yourself' by landing on a hand! Instead, with no authority at all, I recommend you wrap your arms around your head and curl up. But best not to slip at all.

    Kapok, as I understand it, is rather solid and must be kept dry or it loses its flotation quality. Old kapok becomes powdery and useless. Be glad that you don't have kapok. My best guess is that you obtained some sort of polyester fiberfill for Sam. An excellent choice; it can be packed quite firmly.

  6. Ack! Falling is bad. The only good advice I can think of is to make sure you have a good stiff drink tonight. It's probably not going to help your wrist, but it is a reasonable excuse for imbibing.