Thursday, June 21, 2007

It’s off to the West Port… We’re both going to Kirkmichael today, and will stay one night. The weather continues disgusting and the forecast poor, but I can weed and even hoe in the rain, if need be; I don’t want to cut the grass anyway.

No blog tomorrow.

I got Sam’s stuffing finished, and one ear knit. Sure enough, the ear instructions work fine as given. My husband says his legs don’t meet his body in a very sheep-like way, but my feeling is that we’re not in a competition for The Most Anatomically Correct Knitted Sheep, but for a Knitted Toy, and he’s pretty good.

Maureen in Fargo, I’m glad you’re still with me, and am very grateful indeed for your suggestion, that happy day, that I knit Sam.

I can’t show you a picture of the ribbing-to-ribbing grafting because it’s between his legs, front and back, and I don’t want to strain them. Here’s a picture of where the final cuff stitches were grafted to the body stitches. I’m proud of the way it looks.

So I will now – or when we get back on Friday, rather – put him aside for a bit to knit the Victorian Lace Today “melon shawl” – it’s the cover picture – in Yarn Yard's new fine lace merino yarn. There are three evenings remaining here in Edinburgh before we head south. That should be plenty of time to get started and memorise the pattern (it looks easy peasy) so that I can take it along.

I’ll tell you all about my vegetables on Saturday, insh'Allah.


  1. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Isn't it true that the small, perfect details give us so much pleasure in our knitting? When I first knit what, to me, was a perfect button band, I wanted to say to everyone "See this lovely single row of stitches, uninterrupted, along the button band?"
    Sam is looking very good. If he doesn't win, there is no justice in Strathardle.

  2. Sam is looking majestic! (And maybe just time for a tiny bit of Strathardle gathered wool, for that authentic sheepy-lanolin smell?) So glad your fall did no lasting harm.

  3. Anonymous10:11 PM

    Jean, this information from Kim Salazar with reagrd to Lord Kitchener and the Kitchener stitch was mentioned on one of my yahoo groups during your overnight trip. I don't know if it is new to you or not, but I thought I'd pass it along in case it wasn't familiar.

    Donna Wingfield