Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My sheep!

Stuffing isn’t finished. When I was posing him for photography, I noticed that that left front leg was weak, so I pulled the stuffing out and re-did that. Now I think the head and neck need more, so I’ll do it again. The instructions wisely point out that this is the only chance I’ll get.

I don’t think I’ll have quite enough stuffing, but I’m not sure yet. I think I have enough to get to the point where I start the rear-end grafting, but the instructions also say that I will find as I work, that there’s room for more, and that I should put it in. And even if I finish, there are still horns to be knit and stuffed.

I don’t understand the instructions for the ears, but whenever that happened in the past all became clear as work progressed.

I’m terribly proud of him, and impressed with the instructions. The effect of seamlessness is wonderful – those cuffs under which are concealed the seams joining the legs to the body, are little short of brilliant. I have high hopes for him, especially if the judges don’t just think oh, sheep, cute, Aran, but actually examine him.

Not much else to report. “Butterfly” was good, but failed to involve the audience in a Total Experience. It’s pissing with rain this morning. I had hoped to go to Kirkmichael tomorrow – either by myself, for the day; or both of us, to stay one night. Just to get my vegetables weeded and maybe eat some spinach. But it would be no use in weather like this.

I read a lot more blogs than the ones listed in my sidebar, and have recently become rather fond of Kristin Nicholas, with whom I once did a course at Stitches East on designing for children. Her blog is sort of the Farmgirl with knitting.


  1. That is one cute Sam!

  2. Anonymous7:59 PM

    He is wonderful!

  3. Yay! He's stuffed ; ) I checked out a few more StR images via Google and the smallness of the head seems to be common to them all. I guess the ears and horns sort of give the necessary balance. You could try the 5yo test - hug him for an hour and see if the head falls over at the end of this period!

  4. Anonymous3:25 AM

    Hey, Sam's looking really cool! I'm more and more glad I suggested him, I sure hope the judges agree. I still may knit him yet myself.

    I was going to enter some stuff (my Rosebud Shawl, Millpond and Ray's Aran) in our local Red River Valley Fair but it was pouring rain the day we had to get our entries in and I wimped out...our Fairgrounds in the rain are the usual muddy mess and I didn't want to deal with it. Next year...and maybe I'll have even better stuff!!

  5. Oh my goodness. When did you take that class w/ me? I can't even remember teaching it!

    Thanks so much for mentioning my blog. Yours is totally delightful.

    And, boy do I love that Aran sheep.

  6. I love that sheep! I have seen it before and wanted to order it. Great job on that, Jean.