Monday, June 25, 2007

So, off to London. Back Saturday, DV, blogging on Sunday.

I've done nearly 1/4 of the central panel of the melon stole/scarf, before the train has even left the station. I normally don't do nearly as much knitting in London as I think I will, but the prospect of running out remains terrifying. I can't take the book along with the thought of starting the edging -- far too heavy -- so I have hastily packed some socks. On Thursday, I will be going to Birmingham for my friend Margot's rather tardy funeral. That's three more hours of train time.

Until Sunday, then...


  1. Anonymous7:30 AM

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  2. Found your blog by accident and love it! Am really impressed with Sam - he looks incredible. Can you tell me where you found the pattern?

  3. Anonymous6:37 AM

    Thinking of you, Jean, with all the bad things happening in London and Glasgow this weekend. Hope you and yours are all safe.

  4. Anonymous2:35 AM

    Glad to hear you're back, safe and sound, I've been thinking about you with all the news! I always miss you when you're gone so it's especially good to see your post today.

    I can't wait to see Sam in all his glory when he's finished!!