Friday, September 14, 2007

An exciting day, yesterday. My husband woke from a restless night with a slight fever. We went to see a doctor, who ordered him to be removed at once to hospital. When we arrived there he was judged not to be an emergency, so they devoted their time – and it was a busy day – to those who arrived in articulo mortis. Reasonably enough. Eventually, after many tests and many interviews with doctors who resembled our elder grandchildren, he was put in a bed in a ward.

They weren’t very strong on diabetic care, which was not, after all, what he was there for.

I have been waiting all morning for the call to say I can come and fetch him home. Thank goodness for broadband.

So, no Princess yesterday, and not much else.

Ravelry has settled down this morning – I had begun to fear that I had already entered as much stash as any one human being was allowed to have. I have started on the six bins. This first one contains 178 Shetland jumper-weight odd balls.

I also read, at last, the new IK. I’m not wildly impressed, although I like Kate Gilbert's Cinnabar Pullover and Jared Flood's Cobblestone Pullover, and could even imagine knitting the latter.


  1. Hope all is well - and I agree with you re. IK. I haven't even begun the stash posting on Ravelry. It seems like an overwhelming task.

  2. I hope your husband is home and better by now. Documenting stash is an effective distraction, though. Please post all yours so I can feel less guilty about mine!

  3. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Thinking good thoughts for Hamish. Hope all is well.

  4. I like to the look of Jared's pullover. Some years ago, I knit a design which worked the yoke in one circle. I found however, that every time I lifted my arms, the entire yoke "lifted" - including the neck.
    Was it my knitting, or is this a normal result of this method of construction?
    Special thoughts for you and your husband today.
    Judith - in Canada

  5. I hope your husband feels well soon!

  6. I hope your husband is home soon, I too like jared's jumper, it may be my husbands xmas present if I get organised soon!

  7. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for that husband of yours.

  8. Anonymous3:04 AM

    Best wishes for Hamish's recovery.
    Do the doctors know he just had some serious dentistry? I've been told that dentists are supposed to give their patients antibiotics 24 hours before doing anything significant.

  9. I hope all is well with Hamish - that he's home and healthy very soon.

  10. My best wishes for his prompt recovery. I tried looking for you in Ravelry with no luck. How can I find you? I would love to see your stash!