Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I bought Vogue Knitting Book No. 3 on eBay yesterday for £33.62 – a bargain. I was the only last-minute bidder. It sold for four times that price on American eBay recently. I’ll be even happier once it is safely here – the mails have been very odd lately.

The same seller has recently sold both No. 2 and No. 4. Two I already had, Four I paid her a lot of money for. But that’s by the way. The question is – does she have The Big One? I’m holding my breath. She’s not a dealer, or much of an expert – she doesn’t know how to date them, apparently. Not that that matters, one way or the other.

I now lack only eight issues, including the much-desired first one.


Today I added sock yarns to my stash. This is a pretty solipsistic endeavour: no one else could be interested in my stash. On the other hand, it’s useful and interesting for me, and it’s no bad thing to take everything out of the cupboard every so often just to make sure that mice aren’t nesting in it.

Actual knitting

I’m not much further forward with the Princess. I went to a Drummond Civic Society committee meeting last night, and the poor old girl really isn’t committee knitting. Today (Wednesday) was my weekly osteoporosis pill, sit quietly for half an hour. I got through five rows, but only by extending the half hour slightly. So, row nine of the fourth pattern repeat.


Thanks for comments. Mel, I agree about Clive Barker. Kathy, I know of Herbert but have never read. Currently, I’m reading daughter-in-law Cathy’s new book, “Pool of Unease”. It’s her third – see sidebar. I don’t think it’s been published in the US yet. It’s good – no kidding.

My sister and brother-in-law should be back in CT by now, after a journey of nearly 24 hours. Starting with a full two hours in Edinburgh airport, then an hour and a half in Amsterdam, then at least two more in Boston waiting for a train which actually stopped in Old Saybrook. Plus actual travel time.

The taxi came here at eight in the morning. Before that, we were drinking coffee at the kitchen table. As I cleared the table I thought of a favourite passage in a favourite book – Fanny Price having said goodbye to her dear brother William:

“After seeing William to the last moment, Fanny walked back into the breakfast room with a very saddened heart to grieve over the melancholy change; and there her uncle kindly left her to cry in peace, conceiving perhaps that the deserted chair of each young man might exercise her tender enthusiasm, and that the remaining cold pork bones and mustard in William’s plate, might but divide her feelings with the broken egg-shells in Mr. Crawford’s.”


  1. Anonymous10:51 AM

    It's been a long time since I read any S. King, sitting up all night being scared out of my skin. I did plow through all the Minette Walters in the library a few years ago, just as creepy but less supernatural.

    The princess is a phenomenom. I've started dabbling in lace, but think my wrists will give out before I get to that level. Right now I'm still just petting my skein of laceweight merino and daydreaming.


  2. Hi Jean

    I have been a lurker for a while and have just caught up with your last few posts, [ been off with a cold! ] Anyway was interested to see your mention of Blairgowie. That is the area of Scotland that my great-greats came from and I used to have a pen-friend over that way of the name of Frances Young [ I think that is the correct surname ] her husband was also called Francis [ Frank ]. I was wondering if you knew them at all? She was a spinner in the Perthshire guild. A long shot I know but stranger things have happened. [ Once had a girl door knock selling phones and turned out she was a neighbour of another penfriend in England ] After my husband died I found it difficult to write so have lost touch with my penfriends unfortunately. Now I have discovered blogging...!!!

    Anyway enjoy reading about your adventures.

    Cheers from downunder

    Beverley >^..^<