Thursday, September 27, 2007

We’re going to Str*th*rdle today, each of us more than a little doubtful about our separate capabilities, but it’s got to be attempted. We should at least be able to get there, huddle by the fire, pick the apples, bring the clothesline in, drain the water. One is supposed, as well, to run the lawnmower until every last drop of petrol is used up, before storing it for the winter. It took me an hour and three-quarters of walking up and down, last year, fearing I had discovered the secret of perpetual motion. I hope I’ll be up to that.

The mysterious asterisks are there because there’s something else to be done, if it can be managed. Rachel & Ed heard a sensational piece of local news from Mrs *g* at their bed&breakfast, when they were there for the Games. I will try to verify it, as I walk artlessly to the village and back. Leaning on my stick, if need be.

Blogging should resume on Tuesday; maybe sooner.

Not much to say about knitting. I had to rip out my first attempt at the Shapely Shawlette, but I’m now steaming ahead. I’ve done the first eyelet band, and the first garter stitch one. There are three of each in the finished article. The figures are meaningless, because the Shawlette, like the centre of the Princess, starts with five stitches and expands. Those early statistics are easily acquired.

I had this message from Teresa at Colorway yesterday. It sounds as if everybody’s knitting the Earth Stripe Wrap:

“Dear Jean, thank you for your order. Unfortunately, due to the unprecedented demand for the Kidsilk haze in certain colours this autumn, both we and Rowan are out of stock of the Hurricane -- should be in soon and will post everything as soon as it arrives.”

Not much Ravelry news, either. I was invited to join a group called City Knitty. It’s for Edinburgh knitters – and we’ve got twenty-two members! Maybe I’ll be able to go to a real-world get-together one day.

Susanne, it was interesting to learn from you that Knotology actually works for String (see yesterday). I had grasped that she is a professional. Talk about working in a chocolate factory!


The Curmudgeon mentions this morning that she’s no FOH. Me neither. Was there ever in the history of politics a candidate so divisive in his-her own party?

I filed our income tax on-line yesterday, a first for me. The Inland Revenue has been pushing the idea for some years. It all went very smoothly but I had to lie down in a darkened room for a while afterwards.


  1. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Congratulations on the income tax! I have to admit I let my tax man do that for me.
    There are other ways to drain a fuel tank--I'd suggest taking the mower to a friendly local service station and letting them do it.

  2. Not only is there demand for Kidsilk Haze for the Earth Stripe Wrap but also for the Modern Quilt Wrap (from Folk Style). It's been like a treasure hunt trying to find the colors in town before resorting to going on line. I'm down to needing one color which I'm hoping to find at Web*sters when I make my trip to Ashland OR this weekend on a chorus tour.

    Your experience with the Inland Revenue on line tax submission made me giggle. Maybe they need a few things to make the process less painless. ;)

  3. We'er doing the tax online too but I have an inherent distrust of my computer's ability to retain all my tax records. I do the tax on the old forms ans then store them for my obligatory 7yr storage requirement. It was quite exciting/depressing when I'd done enough tax returns to start throwing out the 8yo tax records!

  4. Anonymous6:23 AM

    Enjoy your Strathardle stay and be well, both of you. I hope you don't mind I added you to my friend's list on Ravelry. I'm HokieKnitter.

  5. City Knitty folk are fun.......I've never made it to a regular meeting, but I did go to the Museum knit-in. (I took my spinning wheel.)