Sunday, September 02, 2007

How about that?

That's granddaughter Rachel with the Mandy Duncan Cup and her winning entry. It’s on the front page of the current issue of the weekly Blairgowrie Advertiser. The photographer must have singled Rachel out at the presentation ceremony and sent her back to the Home Industries Tent to get the Cardboard Picture Frame. The caption in the corner begins with the words “Outstanding Talent”.

The current picture in the frame is a random Greek scene which looked fitting. We plan to replace it with one of Rachel holding the cup, and hang it at Burnside.

There are more pictures inside the newspaper. I’m afraid that in the one of me with the other silverware-winners, I am holding the Glenisla Shield in such a way as completely to obscure the image of Dolores on my sweatshirt. Maybe I’ll show you tomorrow.

Meanwhile all is well. I’ve reached row 33 of the third pattern repeat of the Princess centre – there are 46. I’m already past the point where I can sit down and knock off a few rows. Soon, even one will be stretching it.

And I’ve spent some more time in Ravelry. It’s a lot like dying and going to heaven, including some good structures for getting in touch with the people you really want to know. I think I’ll concentrate in the beginning on getting my stash photographed and entered, although WIPs might be more useful.

The October issue of Knitting turned up yesterday, with a supplement on Nicky Epstein’s “Knitting Beyond the Edge”. It looks rather tempting – but there are now three such books, and it would be impossible to choose. We are offered all three for the price of two, like vegetables in the supermarket.


Thank you, all, for the Golden Wedding congratulations. Pixen, I love the stripey sweater and agree utterly about the wonderfulness of EZ. Janet, you hit the nail on the head about the celebration. I was feeling slightly sorry for myself earlier in the year and then suddenly realised that God was planning to lay on a spectacular party, with everybody there for the Games this year – my sister and my husband’s sister were both there; it was as near-complete a family gathering as anyone could hope to muster.

And then the Glenisla Shield!

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  1. Congratulations to Rachel! That's a photo for a proud grandmother to treasure.