Sunday, June 01, 2008

Stop press

This morning’s big news is that Theo and Tiger are engaged! Much joy and excitement.The picture was taken at the end of Games Day last year – that’s Ketki to the right in a KF Tumbling Blocks.

I am delighted by the interest in the pussy cats who swim in Lake Van. As soon as I’ve got my first billion, we’ll have a blog-readers’ outing: everybody welcome. We’ll charter a jet and fly to Istanbul. Perhaps we’ll spend a couple of nights there. I’d like to see the Mosaic Museum again, and the cisterns. Then we’ll find a yacht – something on the lines of the Royal Yacht Britannia would be about right – and cruise along the south shore of the Black Sea until we get to Trebizond. It’ll be fun.

No – let’s avoid airports and do the whole trip in the yacht, leaving from Leith which will be handy for you, Helen. That way we can tie up at Palermo for a while and Mary Lou and I can make our Leopard-pilgrimage.

I think the cats of Lake Van are a breed of their own, but I don’t know. I don’t know whether they swim for pleasure or for some purpose. We’ll have to find out.

And as for knitting, I should polish off Cathy’s second sock today, and cast on a dinosaur sweater.


  1. Anonymous9:09 AM

    congrats on the engagement.
    found this site on van cats
    they sound good company as well as being of interest

  2. Congratulations to the happy couple, then.

    I had thought I'd remembered that Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's cat might be a van, though I didn't remember her being the correct color. A quick search found that it was only a suggestion in comments because the cat seemed quite unperturbed to let her tail fall into the bathwater. They're quite a rare breed, in the US at least, but I do seem to remember having treated one at some point in my career. No swimming trials were involved, though.

  3. My sister used to breed Turkish Van cats, they loved being bathed and would swim in the bath!

  4. I love the idea of a like-minded group on the yacht. We'll just have to warn all yarn shops on our route to be well-stocked.

  5. With Jean's billion, we can have our own shop on the yacht!

  6. Congrats on Theo and Tiger's engagement! And Jean, this is why I love your blog-if you're going to dream, dream big.:-)

  7. Anonymous2:58 AM

    Oh, Mazel Tov to Theo and Tiger! I almost feel I know them, odd though that is.

    Actually, I signed up at to get affiliated with a local group and lo and behold, Theo showed up as a "friend." Must be because of the donation that went through you, but I was so tickled!