Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Everything is more or less in position. Clean sheets on the spare room beds, at least. My sister and her husband are probably on their way to Kings Cross at this very moment.

Alexander has just got himself a boat.

(He wanted to call it “Drummond Plaice”, Drummond being the name by which he is known to the world – “Alexander” is just for family. His wife is the only person in the world who started out calling him “Drummond” and has stepped across the line. But apparently it is bad luck to change the name of a boat so it is the Puffin Puffin. Those aren’t his sons.)

Everybody likes boats. Helen and Roger plan to go over tomorrow and mess about in it a bit. They have been sailing on the CT River for many years. James and his family, when they arrive next week, will go over for a while, too.

As for knitting, I was closer to that slow row than I thought I was, yesterday morning. So now the tops of the third rank of Green Granite Blocks have been established. Another session, whenever it happens, should polish them off. And I have reached the half-way point of the jacket back, which is sort of exciting.


  1. I am still laughing at Harry in Athens. I hope someone is saving these for future humiliation at family gatherings. (That's a person from a large family talking.)

  2. Alexander1:45 PM

    They ARE my sons.