Monday, June 21, 2010

Green Granite Blocks

They continue to progress. I’ve put the dots on the fronts of the Fourth-Tier blocks.

The fourth tier brings two events:

1) Cast off five stitches each side for the underarm. I’ve already done that.
2) Move to the next page for the rest of the chart – that’s only eight rows away.

What excitement!

“California Patches” is a big (?A3) paper-back, essentially a pamphlet. The whole chart is printed sideways, spanning two pages. And in eight rows I will move from page 23 to page 22.

Kristie, you ask about weaving in ends. Gosh, yes. I’ve set aside 10% for that stage in my Progress Bar over there – it may not be enough.

Years ago, back in the second millennium and the glory days of the Knitlist, Selma threw a virtual party for those of us who couldn’t get to Stitches. We sat around her virtual swimming pool, sipping virtual Chardonnay, and indulging in our knitting fantasies. I can’t remember any of the fantasies, even my own, except for one – someone said she’d spotted Kaffe over to the side, darning in ends.

Selma is now a flesh-and-blood friend; ends remain a problem.

Angel, thank you for the link to the Knit Camp vest – I didn’t know about it, and it looks kinda fun. Does this mean that the US VK has different material from the UK “Designer Knitting”? I thot they were the same – maybe I just haven’t received that issue yet. They had a nice plug for Knit Camp in the last one. It sort of makes up for the stony silence of the British “Knitting” magazine.

If I stay away from Camp it will be because of the difficulty of making domestic arrangements, and nervousness about driving unfamiliar routes. But if the organisers inspired more confidence it might spill over into those areas. “You are requested to bring a print out of your order confirmation with you to Camp. This will be e-mailed to you once we have completed entering your details into our database. “ I don’t think I’ve had such an email; I wouldn’t hesitate to turn up without it. But its absence adds to the niggling worries.

We’re going to Strathardle today for two or threee nights, to get things ready for the Beijing Mileses who will be with us any minute now. I haven’t been able to secure the services of the wonderful woman who has cleaned the house and made the beds in preparation for the summer invasion in other years, so I will have to do it myself. It won’t be fun, toiling indoors with my vegetables there just beyond the door.


  1. Anonymous4:22 PM

    My "Early Fall" issue (a new addition to their publishing schedule) of VK which just arrived last week doesn't have the Knit Camp vest, so I think it must be slated for the regular Fall issue. So J&S is scooping the knitting world!
    -- Gretchen

  2. Jean, it is featured on page 12 of the Early Fall USA issue- the vest caught my eye when I was looking through it and I investigated online and found the link.

    My nephew (who is 15) thought it was super cool and has urged me to make it. I am tempted to order the kit, especially now since the exchange rate is more reasonable..... I mean I might be able to wear it twice a year in the Texas winter, but I just love the whimsical design.

  3. =Tamar4:05 AM

    How frustrating, on so many fronts.
    At least the vest is coming along nicely. It's beautiful. I'm sewing rather than knitting, today; a gift for a friend. I'd forgotten how long it takes to do pleats.

  4. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Hi there
    I don't want to add to your anxiety about Knit Camp, but I suspect that the organisers are having a bit of a stressful time. I signed up for two classes, and effectively had them canceled a couple of weeks ago - the original teachers (Kate Gilbert and Cirilia Rose) pulled out. I was only traveling from Fife, but if I'd had to book accommodation I would have been furious.

    Having said that, I think my experience is the exception, and it was just my bad luck to pick the workshops that were dropped. They supplied a refund immediately (although via a defunct Paypal account and not via the credit card I paid with), and I know of plenty people who have had no difficulties.

    I've been out of knitting for some time, and Knit Camp was supposed to psychologically mark my return. Never mind. It's a big event, and these things happen. I hope you are able to go, I'm sure you'll get a lot out of it.

    Caroline (Formerly commented as Mcknitus - a long time ago)

  5. Gerri3:26 PM

    Have you checked out the Knit Camp blog?

    Hope you see your way to going!

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  7. Yarn Foward Magazine is one of the official sponsors of KnitCamp so perhaps the other UK mags are restricted in what they can say about the event?