Monday, June 28, 2010


The Beijing Mileses have gone off to Argyll, hoping to get to play with Alexander’s new boat. They’ll go from there to Strathardle, where we’ll join them on Wednesday. I have a dentist’s appt here tomorrow.

That’s the basic story.


No Montrose jacket. We went to Kinloch Anderson bright and early on Saturday morning. You can’t just buy one, it has to be made. And it can’t even be measured for, without the kilt of the gent who is going to wear it. That is because a Montrose jacket is worn on the sort of occasion on which a gentleman from time to time may THROW his arms into the air. The jacket is anchored to the kilt by subtle means to prevent a midseason gap.

So we came away with detailed forms on which a Beijing tailor is to enter the necessary measurements. But whether James will get this done when he gets back, is another question.

Here is a picture of him wearing the jabot without a Montrose jacket. He looks vaguely Swiss Presbyterian. At least the Velcro fastening arrangement seems to work.

Internet access

With the Mileses here, the house was full of laptops and smaller devices which sadly languished without wi-fi. James got to work. Alistair, suddenly a teen-ager, got to work too. Listening to Alistair’s end of a telephone conversation with my ISP, I felt much as I do listening similarly to his father speaking Mandarin. He’s really doing it.

In the end, the ISP told Alistair (rightly or wrongly) that they don’t support wireless connections, and we decided to switch to BT. They provide a satisfactory service in Strathardle, and they will be cheaper.

We've done it. I'm signed up for BT broadband. But they need a “migration code" from the current ISP, and there was no hope of getting one at the weekend. Alistair is going to try from Argyll this morning.

As the day wore on, James succeeded in getting the present system to work at least partially – some laptops could receive the signal, others couldn’t.

When I disappear, it will be because we have got in such a muddle that I have no access at all to the outside world.

Green Granite Blocks

I have finished the fourth rank of blocks. Today’s assignment is the slow row, setting colours for the new rank. As before, a picture will follow when I am far enough along with #5 that #4 can be seen in its entirety.


We had a pleasant lunch of pasta and cheese, but my radish crop wasn’t big or bushy enough to make an interesting contribution. Maybe next year.


  1. Good luck with the migration!

  2. When you meet up with Cathy again you can tell her I enjoyed The Slaughter Pavilion - and I got a lot of knitting done while reading it.

  3. The jabot looks very smart! What a Perfect summer knitting project... not so subtle hint being dropped here...wink wink nudge nudge...;o)

  4. Donice1:25 PM

    I have been looking forward to seeing the jabot being worn, and it seems perfectly proportioned. I hope it gets to meet its full ensemble someday.

  5. Dawn in NL2:06 PM

    Jean, the jabot is definitely a success, in my eyes. Just the right amount of frothiness. I hope James approved.

    All the best,

  6. Jabot looks like the right size and shape and your son looks rather pleased with it. Good luck with the wireless project!

  7. I'm so happy that your kin are busy making sure you're still connected with us. Here's wishing you no bugs in your new system.

    The jabot looks wonderful. He does have that sort of ministerial air with the jabot against the black. Perhaps he can be a wandering priest of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  8. The jabot looks wonderful! Nice to see how it looks on someone.

  9. =Tamar4:32 AM

    What a truly gorgeous jabot.
    Good luck with the wifi. I have no understanding of such things.