Friday, June 11, 2010

Not much, today – blogging time has had to be diverted to taking the car in for its annual MOT.

As hoped, I’ve finished the second rank of Green Granite Blocks and am working my way across the slowest row of all, the one where all the colours are re-set for a new rank. But I’m getting the hang of it, including butterfly-winding.

Ron spoke at the beginning of the oddities of the chart. There are one or two places where the colours change in the middle of the 15-stitch stretch across the front of a block. (There are lots of places where they change from one row to the next, making subtle stripes on the fronts of the blocks which add a good deal to the Kaffe-ness of it all.) I like to think that these are the places where the Master ran out of his pull-through strand of yarn half-way across a block, and reached for something else. And that the chart-maker came along later and devotedly reproduced his every stitch.

For the great thing about Kaffe is that he really does (or did) knit -- it's not all done on computers and produced by out-workers.

I spent (=wasted) some time yesterday mooning around the American eBay shop where they sell old Rowan kits, with the real yarn. It is worth being reminded that even the Master made mistakes – and it’s his mistakes that get put in the back of stash cupboards ready to be fetched out twenty years later and sold for a nice profit.

I think I’ve probably knit all the Kaffe’s I really want to, through the years, once the GGB’s are finished, and the one more I have in stash, the Mosaic pattern. “Courthouse Steps” is sort of nice, though…

By tomorrow I should have a couple of rows of the third rank done, which will let the first two photograph nicely.

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  1. Took a look at that e-bay site...and hastened away! Sadly, the prices are way beyond my pocket money! I rather suspect however that your surmise with respect to the colour changes is correct.