Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Cup

A draw. At least we spoiled their party. Or, at any rate, their own goalkeeper did. If I knew a lot more about the game, would it become interesting? Whether or no, that’s the last you’ll hear of the World Cup here, although some years we get sufficiently swept up in it to watch the final.


Donice, I think you may have the answer – to let the knitting magazines lapse, and take up Piecework. I haven’t seen much of it, although I have the famous issue with Bridget Rorem’s lace alphabet, which I have often used. (The alphabet is available from the Schoolhouse Press, now.) In my case, Knitter’s must go, and Knitting. I’ll stick with IK a bit longer, maybe.

My problem will be – life is absolutely full of problems like this, to which inertia is the easy solution – that I pay for both Knitting and VK by direct debit. Cancelling is easy, since I bank on line. But first I’ve got to figure out which is which. Both payees have unexpected and non-knitterly names, and the sums are similar. I’ll get down to it.

I think at the moment VK is pack-leader for design again, after a period in the doldrums. I’ll hold on to it.

I had a look at the Verena website yesterday, recommended by the Curmudgeon. Not entirely bad, I agree. Europe’s most popular knitting magazine, it says. Never heard of it, myself. I had a moment of temptation over the idea of subscribing to the digital edition. Much cheaper, and it wouldn’t contribute to the piles of magazines on the bedroom shelves. I’ll at least have a look on-line at the fall issue when it comes out. But really.

It is hard to remember, now, what knitting life was like before I got online in the mid-90’s. VK International. LYS’s, such as they were. Some books, although nothing like the 3rd-millennium flood, in which one actually has to choose which knitting books to buy. (As opposed to buying them all.) EZ, Sheila McGregor, Sarah Don, Starmore, Barbara Walker, Gladys Thompson, Odham’s Encyclopedia of Knitting – I had all of those when we moved to Edinburgh in ’94. And, come to think of it, have knit from almost all of them.

Whereas now the shelves groan with un-knit-from books. And now I am in touch with the whole world of knitting every day.


I am about to do those dots in the middle of the third rank of blocks. Before this rank is quite finished, I will be half way up the back of the jacket. The other four pieces are much smaller, two fronts and two sleeves, so that’s a significant landmark. The sleeves have only three ranks of blocks. Maybe I’ll even knock off a sleeve next.


  1. GrannyPurple11:32 AM

    The online presence of IK these days means that if a subscription lapses, then the patterns are still available. I have wondered if that's where they're heading. And the ease of obtaining patterns online (let's hear it for instant gratification) means that my collection of not-yet-knit purchased patterns is growing like the book collection. Does all the printed matter count as stash too?

  2. Thanks for the input. I think I'm going to go the way of Donice and just let all of them lapse for a little while and get Piecework instead. I have noticed that I haven't actually knit anything from any of the mags in a long time. They are great for inspiration, but then so are the numerous blogs (including this one of course!) and Ravelry.