Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A new follower! Oh, frabjous day!

Don’t miss Mungo’s post called “Trip to Delphi and Dream Job”.

Yesterday was one of those (rare) days when I Got Some Things Done – mopped the kitchen floor, washed my hair, sent a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the Home Industries Secretary so that she could send me the Games programme, and more. And it just leaves one feeling as Hercules must have felt when he first tackled the Hydra.

There’s definitely some movement in the salsola soda box. I’ll photograph it as soon as there’s anything that would show up in a pic. I had hoped for three or four little plants. Now I have raised my aspirations to half-a-dozen or more.

Slow cookers: You’re right about John Lewis, Judith, and the slow cooker I gave Rachel is just expensive enough to qualify for free delivery. Trouble is, according to the website when I had a look yesterday morning, it’s out of stock.

Perhaps just as well, because soon thereafter I got some emails from Greece saying that we need a six-litre model. The John Lewis one is only 3.5 litres. The Greeks recommend a discount electrical place in Callander which, they claim, amazingly, has delivered slow cookers to them not only in Athens but also on Mount Pelion. (They have two.) So they ought to be able to manage Drummond Place.

I am worried, now, about having given Rachel a smaller one. The only consolation is that hers is fully programmable which means that when she is out of the house for eight or ten hours at a stretch, as must often happen, it doesn’t have to be on the whole time.

Greek Helen says “I will spend all summer training you up and then you should have the idea.” So I suppose I had better go ahead.


Green Granite Blocks forges on. Today I should reach and I hope at least begin the slow row towards the top of the third rank of blocks where I set the colours for the tops of the blocks and introduce blackness. I simply can’t keep my hands off it. I even find myself wondering whether I really have to knit that preemie jacket.

My sister and her husband are coming tomorrow. GGB will have to be laid aside. I could continue knitting it while paying attention to a conversation and occasionally contributing sage remarks, but I couldn’t manage a conversation in which I was a major participant. Maybe I could get the preemie jacket started today – no, can’t bear the thought. Conversation-knitting tomorrow and thereafter will have to be my husband’s sock.

And the end of next week brings the Beijing Mileses. Plenty of non-GGB time looms. All the more reason to revel in them today.


  1. Enjoy the family visits. I'm sure you can find something simple to knit while the conversation ranges far and wide.

  2. Gerri3:38 PM

    I just love reading Harry in Athens. I keep trying to figure out how to comment. Maybe I have to breakdown and register with google.

  3. Anonymous7:25 PM

    I'm also enjoying reading Harry in Athens. It is so refreshing to see his world in the eyes of an 11-year-old boy. I really got a chuckle about his statement that he has sold himself to the devil! I hope that when he becomes an adult he will go back and read all of his blog entries.

    Mary G. in Texas