Tuesday, January 18, 2011

As so often in life, the Big Day came and went with no change. The dr came and decided that things can go on as they are, with a bit of additional input from the current carers. The trouble is, it’s our niece who needs the “respite”. It is she who is dealing with her mother’s depression and fear, as well as cleaning and shopping and cooking. And she has a job and a house of her own.

I got the tax done and filed on-line. It was great, waking up this morning and hearing the radio tell me the date, and not thinking, oh-my-God, so-much-of-January-gone-already.

We were promised a nice rebate, which figures, because income from savings-and-investments was markedly down in 2009-10. I spoke to Alexander later in the morning – he says he hasn’t done their tax yet, and always leaves it until now. “There’s nothing else to do in January.” I have never been able to persuade him, or Rachel’s husband Ed, either, come to that, of the delights of spending January with the seed catalogues. Both grow much better vegetables than I do.

Maybe that rebate, when it arrives, should be the occasion for buying the yarn for the stitch-pattern-something which keeps bubbling on a mental back burner. But first I need to settle on a pattern and be filled with enthusiasm. I did a search on “Bavarian travelling stitch” on Ravelry just now, and found some nice things – but they’re all socks. My new self-rule on yarn is that I can buy as much as I want, whenever – but only when I know what I want to do with it, and am pretty well ready to cast on.

Meg's approach in "Knitting" must be the way to proceed -- choose a shape first, and a yarn, then decorate with stitches.

Meanwhile the cowl progresses – two more sessions should finish it off, slightly delayed by the need to wind another skein of Koigu. It is extraordinary how rarely I have actually finished off a ball of yarn during this whole virtuous 14 months of nibbling at the stash.

And better yet, perhaps, I like the Round-the-Bend jacket better and better as I see it out of the corner of the eye, lying neglected. The stripey sleeves are still a bit much, but they’ll probably do.

My niece sent me these pictures of the gnomes yesterday:

I don't know what that thing is with the bricks.


  1. The thing with the bricks is some sort of insect shelter I think, to encourage beneficial insects to your garden. Lacewings? Hoverflies? If you Google "Insect Shelter Garden" you'll find pictures and info. I don't bother...I've got plenty of rubbish all over the garden and allotment for insects to overwinter in already.

  2. Anonymous1:23 PM

    The gnomes look very cheerful looking in the window.

    Could your niece not find someone to come in to clean and maybe cook a little for your SIL? It would ease the physical burden a little, if not the emotional one.


  3. Those who care for the infirm do certainly need a respite. Wasn't caring for the sick one of the corporal works of mercy from my Baltimore Catechism? I hope she can get some help. (Assuming her mother will accept it.) I am glad we have until April for taxes. With holiday rush taxes would be hard to fit in the mix.

  4. Theresa I2:17 PM

    Perhaps your niece could ask some of the care givers if there is someone who can help. There were volunteers who came and sat with my mother for a couple of hours at a time so I could get some time for myself. Maybe there is an organization like that there.
    It helped me and it helped my mother to have someone different to talk with.

  5. Have you seen the book "Twisted-Stitch Knitting"? I know it is available from Schoolhouse Press. It is a stitch dictionary for twisted stitch and has some beautiful sweater and vest patterns in it along with a plethora of socks. You should be able to find something there.
    You know ... your's is the one blog I read everyday. Thank you very much.

  6. I wanted to recommend "Twisted-Stitch Knitting" too. Amazing designs with travelling twisted stitches...

  7. Wendy of Wendy Knits is rapidly progressing with an amazing twisted stitch Aran.

  8. Has C been referred to the hospice anyway for support (or have I got it wrong that you thought that might be a possibility?) They are people you can talk to about other options. There are also carer's organisations - this one is local to you and has a link to "arranging a break from caring". http://www.vocal.org.uk/

  9. "My new self-rule on yarn is that I can buy as much as I want, whenever – but only when I know what I want to do with it, and am pretty well ready to cast on."

    As an older knitter, I'm at that stage myself. Don't buy stuff for someday, buy only what will be used now.