Friday, January 14, 2011 is useless on left-over haggis, but a straightforward Google search on that phrase produced several promising ideas.

Shan, I am seriously impressed by your 23-year-old brain. You have every right to be proud. I can do three numbers or four, and sometimes five. You must be able to do six, at least sometimes. Gosh. (Rules and link in yesterday’s post.)

The printer arrived in good time yesterday. I spent the rest of the morning installing it – not that there was any difficulty, nor that the instructions were less than pellucid, just that I am slow and clumsy and, in this case, desperately anxious not to break off any Little Plastic Bits. It is a very grand, updated model of the one I had before, and I think they have redesigned the ink-carriage so that there is less danger of breaking off bits when you insert a cartridge. And so that the expensive cartridges saved from the old printer, won’t fit.

I bought the Christopher hat pattern, as planned. I feel ever so much better for having a printer, as if re-connected to the world.

The cowl progresses. I have moved on to a near-repeat, offset, and can now, at least sometimes, learn a row at the beginning and then not have to peer at the pattern as I knit. I could regularly do that with the Princess border, where the pattern repeats were something like 48 stitches but everything was logical and geometrical.

I am at that dreary stage where the more I knit, the more it stays the same size.

Today’s excitement is getting my husband across the city to the Royal Infirmary to what amounts, for him, to an early appointment with the Respiratory department. At least I won’t have to drive due south into the low winter sun as I did when taking him to see C. on Tuesday. (Because today is grey.) I had better go get on with that.


  1. Dawn in NL8:51 AM

    The idea of recipes for leftover haggis is intriguing and I will have a look after this comment is posted.
    Nowadays I never have leftover haggis because I cut a large haggis into meal size portions and freeze it. With only two in the house and a hatred of waste, I tend to cook measured amounts of everything.

    However, in the past I enjoyed haggis on toast for breakfast or even lunch (with brown sauce).

    All the best,

  2. Isn't it marvellous? I did it twice and got the same score both times, but then after I read your new post I had to do the test again to check how many I can do in a row. (Six most of the time, sometimes seven, and I think I might have done an eight on the earlier tests.) But the third time through I had performance anxiety and scored 28. Now I am going to stop before I deteriorate further.

    Am avoiding the 'body mass index' test at all costs.

  3. I'm not sure what it means that I keep improving. I did the test three time in a row - first time - 32, second time 28, third time 20. I wonder how one's score would improve by doing the brain exercise each day.

  4. I haven't done your brain test yet but I did today's 48 piece jigsaw of an orange tree branch and it took 5 seconds longer compared with a year ago. Does this say anything about brain ageing?

    Congratulations on the printer installation. I would turn to the husband or son for such an endeavour. Those 2 resources are becoming more elusive/reclusive/busy so I think I am going to have to develop my own skills in that direction.

  5. =Tamar3:12 AM

    Hurrah, a printer! I feel that the computer is almost useless (not totally) if I don't have a working printer. Possibly you could find someone who can use the old cartridges - some form of Craigslist perhaps.

  6. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Jean, the cowl is looking lovely - what a nice lace project. Do let us know the answer to the David Miliband photo mystery.
    - Beth in Toronto