Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rachel has sent an explanation of the Miliband picture which appeared here yesterday: Joe had just finished some exams, and since everybody else was still sitting them, and not much else was happening in Nottingham, he came home for a few days. Ketki was working in London last week, and Alexander and the boys came along – it gave him a chance to see the London Art Fair, which he doesn’t like to miss.

And as for Mr. Miliband, he happened to be passing through Victoria Station as Joe and the Little Boys were on their way to the Natural History Museum. Rachel says that Joe says he was very nice, and particularly nice with the Little Boys. It is good to know that our leaders are still so accessible. Joe refers to him as "Ed".

A good evening with the cowl yesterday. Lisa, I am using #3 needles (conveniently, 3mm) as recommended on the Koigu label. I am just about at the point where the pattern says to go down a needle size. I’ll try 2.5mm and see if it’s comfortable – otherwise go on as I am. Yes, I did add an extra pattern repeat width-wise, as Shandy suggested. She says that she has done the cowl at least once leaving out the final section with the smaller needles which I am about to embark on. I’m going to keep it in, at least this time.

Hot Cross Buns

Gretchen, I was so sorry to hear that you had a bad, or dull, Hot Cross Bun. They are delicious, and if you were in Britain I would say, try Tesco’s or Marks and Spencer. Eat slightly warm, with butter melting in. But – at least in this house – only in Holy Week.

Suzanne, I was interested to hear that Carnival is already underway in New Orleans. You’ll have a nice long one, this year. I hate – this is absurd, but I do – the generalised use of the word, as in “Notting Hill Carnival”. What’s wrong with “Festival”? “Carnival” means goodbye-to-meat and according to me should only be used of a pre-Lenten beano, however prolonged. I am glad to know about "Le Mardi", too.


A week ago today I had to leave my husband at home when I went to Mass because we were encased in ice. There has been a prodigious thaw, and we are beginning to think of Strathardle, the more so as I at last feel that my New Year’s flu has finally fled the field. I am making great strides with the seed order, but there are one or two decisions that must be postponed until I read my notes again – and see whether the kale has survived. My pathetic netting will have collapsed under the weight of snow, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still some kale underneath.

I have ambitious hopes for brassica-growing if it can be got through the deer season.

The weather forecast is better for this week than for next, but old friends are coming to see us here next weekend, and I’ve got to file the income tax, so it looks as if we’ll have to wait.

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  1. As usual, I love reading your blog. Where else would one find the word pellucid? Not in anything else I usually read.

    I wonder if you read any language blogs? I am fond of Sentence First, and Throw Grammar from the Train.