Monday, January 17, 2011

Our niece phoned yesterday to say that C. has had a ropey few days – no exciting new symptom, just tremendous fatigue, no appetite, some nausea, some abdominal discomfort. They called on NHS 24 – the nights-and-weekends emergency service. A nice young dr came who thought “respite care” in a hospice was now necessary, so today’s energies will be devoted to achieving that. It has to be done through the GP. We should hear more this evening.

So not much knitting, somehow. I’ve moved on to the smaller-needle section of the cowl and it is going smoothly.

Today I hope to file the income tax.

Fuzzarelly, thank you for the tips (comment yesterday) about the language blogs – I haven’t been reading anything like that. Could be the spring tonic I need. I’ve now subscribed to both.


  1. Hopefully the transition to respite care goes smoothly. I am sorry to hear it has come to this stage so soon.

    Thanks for pointing out the comment about the language blogs. They both look interesting.

  2. I look forward to reading your blog every day, Jean. I'm sorry to hear that it's probably time for respite/hospice care for C. I will continue to keep her, and all of you, in my thoughts.

    Glad the cowl is proceeding more smoothly, at least!

  3. Thinking of you, Jean. Am looking forward to exploring those language blogs and have been listening to the Fiberbeat podcast that you introduced to us through Franklin. The interviews are well done. Have listened to Franklin's and Jared's episode. My dream now is to catch a glimpse of them at this weekend's Vogue Knitting event in NYC. I'm not taking any classes but will visit the marketplace. Dangerous to my wallet, I know.

  4. sending good thoughts that the transition goes easy for all.