Friday, January 21, 2011

Frangipani, of course. Thank you, Tamar. I knit Ketki a gansey of it a couple of years ago, in Herring Girl Pink:
I had lots left over, I could therefore even swatch, except that I’ve given it away to the charity knitters in Alyth as part of the current stash-purging exercise. Goes to show. I’ve got a kind of dark-red idea hanging over this project, and they do a “claret” which fits the dream nicely. Although “damson” is also tempting.


JeanfromCornwall, I vividly remember Readicut. I am the Blind Follower par excellence, and I loved the idea of the printed canvas and the bits of yarn ready-cut into the right lengths. I gave Rachel a kit for Christmas once, when she was about 12, therefore in about 1970. On New Year’s Eve, in whatever year it was, my husband was off somewhere and I and the children remained at Burnside, the house pictured in the sidebar. (I can’t imagine where he could have been – he was never a reveller, and in those days Scotland closed down for four or five days at the New Year. But he was absent, with the car.)

We sat around the fire, and Rachel worked on the Readicut kit. She gave a vigorous tug and got the latch stuck up her nose. It sounds funny. It could have been rather serious.

We walked along the Bumpy Road (in pitch darkness, of course) to the nurse’s house. She was getting ready for her night out, but fortunately was still at home, and even more fortunately was able to dislodge the latch without damage.

But that was the end of rug-making forever, as far as we were concerned.


Meanwhile I’ve finished the cowl – pic as soon as I’ve got it blocked.

And resumed Round-the-Bend. Here it is, superimposed on a favourite (store-boughten) jacket. The current instruction is to knit until I am 11” short of the desired length – so there’s quite a way to go. I thought of adding a few rows of something else, after the dark stripe and even though I hadn’t done a corresponding something-else on the sleeve. But decided not to. “When in doubt, leave it out”, is a sound principle of design.


  1. Ouch with the Readicut incident! That is one of those "how on earth?" occurrences that hardly bears thinking about.

  2. I was drinking my morning tea when I read the bit about Rachel getting the latch hook stuck up her nose. A few words of warning would have saved me from choking. :-) I was just not expecting to read that. Thanks for the early morning laugh! I wonder if she can laugh about the incident yet?

  3. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Uh-oh, I'm nervous when a blogger has a sick family member and misses posting for a few days. Hope all is well there, Jean.


  4. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Nah. They'll be having a lovely time in Strathardle - the weather's been nice, so I guess they've made the most of the opportunity...
    Agree, though, it's not the same without the daily posts, is it? Come back, Jean! We miss you!! S x

  5. Hello Jean, just a quick note to say I'm missing your posts and hoping all is well with you and with your family. Perhaps you are just up in Strathardle, but no matter what's going on, know that we're paying attention and miss you!