Saturday, January 08, 2011


Not very cold snow, I don’t think. Footprints on the pavement look slushy. But Edinburgh airport is closed. We’ve had a pleasant thaw since the night of Boxing Day, and had begun to regard that state as the norm.

I felt a bit better yesterday, both knitting-wise and health-wise. I’m pretty sure you’re right, Beverly, that the two are related. I went on with Round-the-Bend and am now mitering the first big square. I’s going to be a very colourful object, and even in the garter stitch passages remains rather flabby for a jacket – but it’s fun again.

I'm doing the mitre without wrapping -- there'll be a little line of holes, just visible at the lower end of the active knitting. I've also included an unwound skein of the Araucania Multi I find I have so much of. I haven't decided whether to make the body of the jacket entirely of it, or to add even more excitement with stripes of this and that.

Meanwhile, however, kind Shandy has sent me the pattern for the Eleanor cowl. If our intrepid postwoman manages to struggle through the drifts with it today, I will switch WIPs at once. I am sure it is just the tonic I need.

And I poured another bottle of Mr. Muscle down the bathtub drain, with results unknown. There’s still a hamper-full of left-over Christmas bed linen, but we’ve got clean clothes (our requirements are modest) and can manage without baths for a day or two longer. Fishwife, my husband has been poking down the drain with one of those flexible things you put through the hem of a lace curtain, bringing up black gritty detritus. I wonder if I have a crochet hook long enough to emulate your procedure?

But our bathroom is two storeys up, and I have reason to think that the obstruction is about halfway down, so it might not help.

I am working on our Income Tax for 2009-10, which must be filed by the end of the month. I have never, ever, ever left it so late before, and have resolved never to do so again. At least I learned this year that if it isn’t done by the end of October, it won’t be done until January. Christmas takes over. On the other hand, I saw a note in the paper the other day to the effect that 3000 people filed on-line on Christmas Day. What a depressing thought!

I am going to phone C. this morning to see if I can book my husband in for a visit next week. We haven’t had any news since Rachel and Ed called on her on the 27th. I must stay away until my lungs are completely sound.


  1. Glad to hear some of your knitting enthusiasm has returned, along with your health. Now, at the risk of sounding very ignorant, I have a question. "Who" and 'whom" often trip me up, and for the life of me I can not see the difference in the two sentences you gave as examples yesterday. Why is who used in one and whom in the other? It bothered me enough yesterday that I am swallowing my pride and asking the question. :-)

  2. Anonymous4:08 PM

    I am LOVING the Round-the-Bend! I love the green Araucania with the brown-ey striped sleeves and the dark stripe and cuff. And I really love how the sleeve is flashing a bit in a very subtle way. I think you've got a winnah!

    And, glad to hear you are feeling better - on both health and knitting fronts.


  3. I had the same drainage problem when I lived in Edinburgh, in a 2nd floor tenement flat. The bath kept filling with vile water. Work was being done on the ground floor and the plumber we eventually called suspected a broken tile or something had gotten into the drainage pipe and caused a blockage. We tried in vain to contact the landlord of the ground floor properties but it eventually got so bad I called the Environmental Health Department who organised Dino-Rod or some similar company to come, put a big hose down the drain and blast it. Fixed within 5 minutes. And the cost was split between all my neighbours!

  4. =Tamar10:21 PM

    I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. Good luck with the plumbing; I wish they made something that would dissolve wet hair, unlike the depilatory products I've looked at.

    Regarding “The man who I knew was in charge…” as distinct from “The man whom I suspected to be in charge…”:
    As an amateur grammarian, I would mentally put commas in the first partial sentence: “The man who, I knew, was in charge…” because that indicates that "I knew" is an interjection within the sentence "The man who was in charge." In the second sentence fragment, "I" am suspicious and the "in charge" part relates to my suspicion, not to fact. I may well be wrong...

  5. So sorry to hear that you're having plumbing troubles. Have you thought about a drain snake? In the US you can get them at Walmart or a home improvement store; $20 seems to be the starting price. My daughter has hip length hair so we use ours frequently.
    We also had a bit of holiday plumbing fun, fortunately I was able to figure it out and repair it myself with help from my husband on the stuck bits. I have to admit I was surprised at how empowering it felt. I am woman, watch me plumb! Rawr! LOL