Tuesday, June 19, 2012

An early dental appt this morning, with the fortunate coincidence that I have nothing much to say.

I’m half-way up the gusset increases for my upside-down French heel. I don’t understand all of the instructions which follow, but trust they will become clear.

The Bedroom at Arles yarn is rather bright. I discussed the project with Alexander in the jolly atmosphere of our Easter holiday at Loch Fyne, when I gave Ketki her Restaurant de la Sirene socks. The Restaurant is a similar colour scheme, but duller. Alexander thought he could wear a related pair. I now wonder, but I’m sort of stuck.. The current sock started with a Restaurant toe. The Bedroom has now been deployed and looks brighter with every stitch. 

If he can bear it, it’s an appropriate choice. When he got his place at Oxford, Rachel sent him a Bedroom at Arles card – I hope we’ve still got it somewhere – suggesting that this was typical accommodation at his college. “Notice the bare floorboards, the ill-fitting window, the door which won’t quite close.”

On with life.


  1. Barbara M. in NH12:38 PM

    Dear Jean,

    I think you will be amused to know that your blog "introduced" two of your devoted blog readers last week aboard the Queen Mary II traveling from Southampton to New York last week. During the general chat at a shared breakfast table, one of us mentioned knitting and your blog, and we realized quickly that we were "Granny Purple" and "Barbara M. in NH," both constant readers and sometime commenters! As you would imagine, we had a wonderful, wide-ranging chat, sharing our current projects, favorite yarns, and delightful knitting stories. The Cunard staff politely refilled our teapots several times while the dining room emptied around us. (Fortunately, our husbands found several interests in common to keep them talking as well.)

    We only wished you had been there to join in the chat!

    Barbara M. in NH

  2. GrannyPurple4:57 PM

    It WAS fun to meet another Jean aficionado--and I want to add that, at a delightful visit to The Cloisters in NYC on Sunday, I was amused to see pots of "Good King Henry" as part of the touchable plants in the herb garden--so much discussion of GKH has taken place in your blog and comments.