Saturday, June 30, 2012

We’ll attempt Strathardle today -- back towards the end of next week. Perhaps it’s just as well we missed Thursday’s storm. And a box of ground cover plants arrived yesterday to fill a bed in front of the house which we had a Man dig out recently. If we had been away, they would have languished in the care of the post office for a week, like my poor broccoli.

So I’ll have to plant them, and sort out the other kind of beds upstairs for the coming visits, and hope a bit of time remains for weeding vegetables.

Thank you for your messages. My sister and her husband have gone to Washington for the weekend. She is deeply upset. It will be good for them to be together. Jenni’s mother is there (her father is dead) – she got there in time to see her grandson alive. My sister has seen a picture, “all arms and legs”.

Shandy, no; he had no name. I think it a pity. Perhaps, in the circumstances, they didn't want to use whatever name they had chosen. But it was common enough, in earlier centuries, to re-use the name of a child who died.

Lumping Theo in with his Miles cousins, we have now had 15 pregnancies resulting in 12 living people, two of whom were born with serious birth defects. Jewish tradition, I believe, tends to avoid the presumption that a pregnancy will end well. After David and Helen lost their first son, they bought nothing at all during the next pregnancy. David rushed out from the hospital, once Archie was safely with us, and got some Baby Gro’s, and Rachel came with an armload of things her children had outgrown.

The idea of a baby shower chills my blood – did so, even before this week.

As for knitting, I am around Alexander’s second heel and going full speed ahead. And I am the proud owner of Socken von Welt. Some good stuff there – thanks for the offers of translation.

So Mr Murray will have to get through his next couple of matches without my help, if he can. I’m glad Federer turned his match around yesterday – we need him to stand up to Djokovic. On last night’s form, he hasn’t much of a chance of doing that, but you never know.

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  1. Anonymous2:41 PM

    I have just returned after several days absence and am saddened to learn of the wee one. He now has ways of comfortiing you all. You all are held in my heartprayer.