Sunday, June 17, 2012

We had a grand walk, the weather not nearly as bad as forecast which is not to say it was good. We went to Peebles and walked upstream along the Tweed for a while, following an itinerary our niece had downloaded from the internet. The landmarks described therein revealed themselves every half-mile or so, like a child’s game. Best was Neidpath Castle, a third ruin, two-thirds inhabited castle, looming above us. We didn't see the ghost.

The first half was easy, as the path ran along the river-side. We could see that the opposite bank was steep and wooded. After we had crossed the river, and a tributary, sure enough, we ascended briskly, aged parties puffing somewhat. Then a path descended through the woods which were, alas, criss-crossed with paths. But just at the point where we realised from the contours of the land that we must be walking upstream again, we met some people we had passed earlier, who put us right.

On some walks one simply has to walk out for a while, and then turn around. That is much less interesting, of course, but it also misses out that glorious moment at the end of a circular walk when one is beginning to feel that another half-mile would really be rather difficult and one or the other says, Look! There’s the car park!

We were too damp and muddy (I fell twice) to appear in public so went back to Morningside for bread and soup. A glorious day.

And in the evening, I made some progress with the current socks. I think I’ll knit our niece a pair next.

Sunday presses.


  1. rosesmama1:21 PM

    I took the kids out Friday for a walk through a local park that has installed an outdoor sculpture exhibit, as they do every other year. Like you, there were discoveries and falls (and a few actual dunkings, my company was with children after all). We all came home tired, filthy and exhilarated. Nothing like a day outdoors to clear your head and set you on the right path.

  2. Glad to hear you feel you have 'mastered' the Turkish heel. It is the only one I use now and I do all my socks toe-up. I still do the plain short row heel but you have encouraged me to try the Sweet Tomato heel. I downloaded the booklet from the beginning, but the directions were so wordy that it put me off trying.
    Your walk sounded wonderful.

  3. It sounds like you had a perfect day - fresh air, exercise and knitting. I'm glad you weren't hurt when you fell.

  4. Glad to hear you managed a walk on Saturday. It seemed very very wet whenever I looked out of the window! Now the sun has come out again today perhaps the veggies will start growing?

    Our general mood on Saturday was affected by the rugby news from the Southern Hemisphere. So good to hear of another(!) win for Scotland, this time with tries from Edinburgh's Tim Visser on his debut. But after that, we were on the edges of our seats following the dramas in Australia and New Zealand. It was doubly gutting to hear that both Ireland and Wales lost with the last play/kick of the match. Oh, and England lost too...